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What motivates you?

When your “WHY” is clear, motivation is easy.

What stops many people is a fuzzy vision of their WHY. Your WHY doesn’t have to be rock-solid or crystal clear from the beginning.

BUT…at some point you’re going to find your real WHY, your real calling card.

So let’s take a look deeper look in to developing your WHY.

A WHY, those three letters, is similar to the perception of beauty. It’s based on the eye of the beholder. Your WHY is going to be different from the person’s next to you or the person’s next to them.

Your WHY is your own individual motivation.


Why You Do It

The force behind your actions is why you do what you do.

Your WHY may be the desire for a better life. But if you just stated, “a better life,” I’d ask you to break that down.

What does “a better life” mean?

Does it mean a better spiritual life? Does it mean a better car, a better home or a better education for your children? How about the opportunity to homeschool your children?

Your WHY is really your fuel.

Now, consider this…

What is the significance of your WHY?

If you don’t know why, the how doesn’t matter, and if your WHY is strong enough, the HOW doesn’t matter. If your why is strong enough, you’ll find a way or make a way.

That bears repeating: If you don’t know your WHY, if you don’t have any kind of WHY, even a glimpse of why you are doing what you’re doing, then HOW won’t make a difference.


How Strong is Your Why?

One of the WHYS that I used in 1995 and 1996 was my vision of myself driving a fire engine red 1987 Mercedes 560SL coupe that I had completely restored. I used to see myself with the top down, driving the Pacific Coast Highway.

I used to close my eyes and visualize, and I could feel the paint of that car.

Now that wasn’t a great WHY.

It was just a piece of metal, but that automobile served as an anchor that allowed me to get through some challenging moments, and in my garage, right now, today, that very car that I used to visualize, is there.

The car does not make me a cool person.

The car is simply a piece of metal, but emotionally it’s worth millions because it was what allowed me to get through, and it is what I call my WHY of proportion.

The success you achieve is in direct proportion to the strength of your WHY. Your WHY really comes from your will.

And at some point… when you’re tested and you’re facing adversity, you have to be able to will yourself to break through.



The WHY of alignment becomes physical.

It’s the reason you do business and this refers to the short-term. This is where you get consistent. It’s where self-motivation comes in. It’s the achievement stage where you start to create a compounding.

These are small victories.

You start to get people through a system. You start to get your products out into the free market, or you get your songs out there.

You start to develop a little courage in this phase. You start to develop a little confidence, but really, what you start to develop is some self-esteem.

This is where you start to feel better about yourself, and this is where you start to send a stronger telepathic message. You’re starting to send a message, just a little vibration that says…

…“I think I can do this. I think I’m a leader.”

You’re not completely in the game yet, but this is where you start to have more and more “Aha” moments. You create a little more synchronicity. Compounding begins and a few results start to show up.

I ask people all the time, “What do you achieve in your enterprise right now?”

When someone says, “$300,” I say, “Congratulations, that’s outstanding!”

“$100? Outstanding!”

If you’re achieving $100, all you have to do is add one zero to that one hundred and you’re at a thousand.

If you’re achieving a thousand dollars, congratulations! Do you know how much courage it takes to stay in the game long enough to achieve $1000?

What bothers me the most is that people don’t give themselves enough credit for having courage! Give me one man with courage and I’ll show you a man who can attract an army.

Please understand that you’re not going to get rich overnight. You’re not going to be an overnight success typically, although anything is possible. I have found the least likely are very often the most likely.


Fueling Your Why

When you head into the next phase…

…your WHY becomes the fuel for your engine.

This is when you start to get well-versed in your WHY. This started to happen for me back in 1997 and 1998. I started to have my breakthrough years.

It was so good I was afraid it might go away, but I soon got over it, because the process became automatic for me. The sand shifted for me just like it can for you, and all of a sudden, the sand started to become granite. Results really started to show up because of the fuel that I’d been putting in, the internal communication, the internal self-talk, a new set of dialogue, a new set of language.

I started to believe that it would happen to me, even though I used to think it could.

At this point, I started to really believe.

And you see, when you believe… you feel. Your feeling is what becomes your fuel. The whole key to the game, the key to your WHY, is being in the process long enough so your WHY can find you.

When you’re in the journey, doors open that you don’t expect.



Magnetism is the law of attraction. Better people and better opportunities start to show up on your doorstep the more you’re in the process. When I say process, I mean you’re versed in the game.

You’re moving and shaking. You’re shaking and baking. You’re rocking and rolling. You’re rattling cages. You’re banging on doors. You’re out there stirring it up.

There’s a difference between being in your company and being in the industry and marketing the product, and having the product in you.

That means having the product really in your heart. When it’s in your heart, it’s out of your head, and when it’s in your heart, you’re in the game.

When you’re in the game, you’re sending telepathic messages that say,

“I’m the leader you’re looking for.”

“I can get you to your promised land.”

“Start with me.”

“I can get you there. I can assist you with change.”

Most people already operate telepathically to a certain degree: “I am that I am that I’m not.” There is a confusing, mixed signal. But when you radiate “I am that I am that I am,” you are prosperous.

You are a leader. You are changing. You are evolving. You are becoming. Your why is your fuel. When this happens, you know you’re going to get there. It’s knowing and trusting. It’s the present, and if you’re not in the present, you’re in the past, where most experiences are based on a not-good-enough mindset.

Past experiences are based on feeling “I’m not lovable,” which causes you to send a confused telepathic message saying, “Please get started. Don’t send me money. I don’t deserve it. Please get started. I can’t be responsible for you.”

Most people overstate what they perceive to be responsibility. What you have to understand is that you’re not responsible for anything but your own actions, because all success is voluntary and you are willing to volunteer to aid the process.



When breakthroughs start to happen, you start to have quantum leaps. The sum becomes greater than the whole of its parts. Two plus two no longer equals four. They start to equal fifteen. That’s what a quantum leap is.

Instead of enrolling one person a week, all of a sudden three or four start to sign up. Instead of people wanting one product, all of a sudden one person tells ten friends, and you have all these referrals. This is when your why is clear. This is when you start to be versed in the game. This is when you really start to be in flow.

Instead of being in slow motion, you start to operate in “flow-motion.” Instead of being a “struggle-aholic,” you become an “E-Z-ologist.” When your charisma radiates… “Follow me!”…

…Guess what?

You attract followers.

When your energy radiates… “I am a leader-grower!” …

…developing young eagles want to soar with you.

Your WHY will drive you to breakthrough. You start changing faster. Quantum leaps appear. You start letting go. You practice forgiveness. You don’t take anything personally or overreacting. You don’t get into company politics that suck your energy or let the emotional vampires drain you. You start to understand where to best devote your time and understand the relevance between time and money.

You learn how to turn time into results, or time into money, or time into great people. However you want to equate it, it really comes down to producing results.

You start to develop gratitude for the game. You really start to respect the whole game of entrepreneurship. You respect the game of change. You respect the game of breaking through. You really respect what we do as entrepreneurs and what we really do… is we change lives.

You understand that peace is what you really play the game for…

…and when you’re peaceful, people also want to be a part of that. They don’t want to be a part of your journey just because you’re making lots of money.

You create value in your life and value in the lives of others.

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