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Like to, wish, hope, maybe, if only…

These are all synonyms for the word need.

If someone says:

need to lose weight…

Are they going to lose weight? Not often!

If someone says:

need to change jobs…

They usually don’t change.

See… there is no strength in the word need. Need means try.

So when you are prospecting, you require being able to identify non-commitment words. In my experience, when someone uses the word need, they’re NOT going to follow through.

I need to get a new wife, husband, car, dress, life…

It’s a weak word. Usually, this person is looking for a way to blow you off.

So how do you handle this?

Prospect: Gee Jeff, I need to think about it.

Response: Why? or Specifically what is it that’s holding you back from making a decision?

Routinely, your prospect will say:

Prospect: Well, I don’t make these kinds of decisions overnight.

One response is:

Response: Why didn’t you tell me you want to review the information?

Or simply,

Response: Great, when you’ve made a decision about your future, give me a call. Thanks for your time. Have a great day. Bye.


The Analytical Thinker

When you receive the I need to think about it… response from an analytical thinker, realize this personality type typically will not decide until they have all the facts, figures, logic and research. The decision has to make complete sense to them.

To simplify the situation, direct this person to where he/she can do the research. Then leave them with your number to call you with questions.

Here are some options for responding when you encounter an analytical thinker.


Think About It Script

[Prospect’s Name], what exactly would you like to think about?

[Prospect’s Name], you must have a reason for saying that. I would like to know what that is.

[Prospect’s Name], you sound like the type of person who wants to read all of the research before creating an intelligent decision, is this true?

Prospect says, Yes.

Great! Do you have a pen?

Here is a website where you can research our company, products and opportunity My direct number is [Your Number].

Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions after you have reviewed this information and feel good about what you see. Thank you for your time and YOU have a great day!


“I Need To Run It By My Spouse” 

Here’s another response you may encounter from a prospect.

I need to talk to my spouse…

Once again, I always ask why. It’s often the case that someone very serious will say, I want my wife/husband to review the same information I have seen. I have had many couples look at information together, especially after one already looked at it and got excited. Those are usually people who have a commitment or interest in changing the quality of their lives.

However, though there are exceptions to all rules, most people who just say, I need to think about it or I need to talk to my wife/husband, are giving you a very simple blow off.

The key is to read what someone means when they say need.


Run It By My Spouse Script

[Prospect’s Name], does your spouse know that you have been seeking a business opportunity?

[Prospect’s Name], does your spouse typically support you?

[Prospect’s Name], do you require your spouse’s permission to make a decision or do you require his/her assistance to decide? 

[Prospect’s Name], can you close your spouse?

If the prospect says he/she can’t spend that kind of money without running it by their spouse, then say this:

[Prospect’s Name], I can appreciate the fact you both have a spending agreement with each other. As a couple, what criteria have you chosen to make a decision about an investment in your future? (This will give you information so that you can coach the prospect to close their spouse.)

[Prospect’s Name], when will you be speaking with your spouse?

[Prospect’s Name], would it make sense to have your spouse review the information in the same way that you did so he/she can ask me questions instead of you trying to explain it?

[Prospect’s Name], are you and your spouse available to connect again on [Day] at [Time] or on [Day] at [Time], which is best for you?

Don’t spend your time trying to convince someone that says they need to do something. You are looking for someone who can make a decision now. Your purpose is to collect a decision. If your prospect cannot be clear and use words of commitment, let them call you when they want to start making money.

It’s as simple as that.  Don’t get hung up on believing someone will follow through on what they say if they use the word need.

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