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 I have a question for you…

Where are you spending the bulk of your time during the day?

If you are not getting the results you desire from your business, it’s time to take a hard look at why.

See… you tend to spend most of your time in recurring patterns of behavior without much thought to them. These are called old habits.

T.V., the internet, gossip, politics, he said/she said, getting ready to get ready, procrastinating…

These types of activities steal from your life.  The key to becoming efficient with your time usage is to identify your time wasting habits. Then replace them with ones that will assist you to turn time into money. 

[QUIZ] How Do You REALLY Spend Your Time?

You have to find out how you spend your time. Time will either promote you or expose you. Just think about that for a minute or two!

Time management is an area most people have to improve on and I am here to assist you with that process.

Here’s where I want you to start.

Keep a time log for one week.  This may be eye-opening for you if you do it properly and honestly.

On a daily basis, find out:

How many people do I talk to?

How many messages did I leave?

How many Yes’s did I collect?

How many No’s did I collect?

How many people did you disqualify?

How many 3-way calls did you do?

How much time did you spend listening to podcasts, downloads or webinars? Team calls? Reading Personal Development? Seminars?

How much time did you spend watching T.V.? On the internet? On your phone?

Finding out how your time was actually spent is a real eye-opener. You don’t realize the time that is being spent on frivolous activities. Most of your time is not being spent on achieving your goals that you set to gain.

Once you have completed how you spend your time, answer the following questions:

1. What are my three greatest time-wasters?


2. How much time is being spent on repeated interruptions? Who is responsible for them? How can hey be minimized?


 3. What do you consistently think is urgent but is unimportant?


 4. What are the least and most productive times of each day?


5. Who should you spend more time with? Who should you spend less time with?


6. What activity should you be devoting more time to?


7. What activity should you be spending less time to?


8. What patterns and bad habits are causing you to waste time?


9. Are you trying to do too much?


10. Are you procrastinating and why? 


So what did you learn? Hopefully you are starting to see where changes are required in the daily operation of your business.

Here’s the key to turning time into money… It’s simply having a well thought out plan and committing to consistent action.

You have to learn from the process. Find areas of weakness and make a commitment to improving. The most important part of learning… is learning how to prospect. The only way you get good at prospecting is doing lots of it!

6-Figure Formula

To be successful, your thoughts about time and time management must change. You get paid for results, not time.  If you can learn how to enroll one person in your business a week or one person to purchase your product per week… then you will begin to create momentum.  Just one person a week will allow you to transition from part-time to full-time. That’s 52 people per year. If you are full-time and you can find 2 people per week… you will eventually create a 6-figure income. Your time should be spent on revenue producing activities. The more efficient you become, the more money you will achieve for your time.

It’s that simple!

That’s the equation. 80% of your time should be spent prospecting and recruiting. NOT reading books, listening to podcasts, shuffling papers, walking the dog, scrolling Facebook, eating bon-bons and procrastinating.

Develop a plan of action and stick to it. Develop a daily method of operation and put it on paper. Most of your day should be devoted to prospecting. If you are part-time, then you should devote 5-20 hours into your business. If you are full-time, you should be dedicating 30 hours or WEIT… What Ever It Takes!

Simple disciplines factored consistently over a long enough period of time, will produce results. It takes consistent effort. But it doesn’t happen overnight. So today… begin to develop the productive habits and patterns that will lead you to your success.


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