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Have you ever wanted to follow a millionaire around for a day to see what they do?

I’m sure you have.  Most people use the phrase, “How do I?” They want to know what actions to take and what the right thing to say is.

Today, I am going to let you in on a little secret. Do you want to know what millionaires do differently?

I’m going to tell you.

They know how to turn time into money!

And now I am going to give you some examples of how they do this.


Turning Time Into Money

1. Millionaires re-sole shoes an average of 3 times before buying new ones. It takes less time to send shoes out for repair than to shop for new shoes!

2. 7 in 10 use shopping lists. Again, this is a big time-saver in stores and curbs impulsive buying.

3. Millionaires live non-consumptive lifestyles.

4. Millionaires maintain healthy physical habits. It is easier to be productive when you feel good.

5. Millionaires hire others to do chores. If you valued your time at a minimum of $100 an hour, how much would it be costing you to be your own errand runner, house cleaner, etc.?

6. Millionaires don’t follow the crowd. They are rebels, renegades, radicals, outside of the status quo, tired of trading time for dollars and out-of-the-box thinkers.

7. Millionaires major first in Discipline 101 and secondly in Tenacity 102.

8. Millionaires relish RISK! Consistent common-sense risk for reward yields consistent results.

9. Millionaires know it’s not really how smart you are. It’s how you are smart and act from this principle on a daily basis.

10. Millionaires focus on Production and Results… not on what they are going to buy with their money!

11. Millionaires’ #1 financial activity is consulting with their tax strategists!


Millionaires SEE Situations Others Don’t or Won’t.

Millionaires have an unwavering conviction that the timing is right for the opportunity they bring to the table. They UNEQUIVOCALLY know that they are in the right place at the right time.

They spend more time operating from their “mindsight” rather than their eyesight. They have a vision of what they are creating and focus almost all of their energy into manifesting that vision into a reality.

You have to SEE that your time is now!

When you are operating entirely in your conviction that your time is now, and you will not be denied, your clients and potential business partners will feel that you are the leader they have been looking for!

Millionaires begin every endeavor with the end in mind.

They incorporate a strategy for completing every task even as they get started. They very rarely are in a position to make last-minute, hasty decisions, and operate with ease on a daily basis.

They know exactly what is required to bring each objective to fruition and create ORGANIZED, logical steps to make it all happen. This allows them to focus on the TAH… Task At Hand and move effortlessly from situation to situation. This is also how millionaires multi-task.


Millionaires Are Able to Change & Improve Their Internal Dialogue With Money

1. What have you been conditioned to believe about wealth and money? Realizing and releasing any old beliefs about money that no longer serve you will allow you to close the emotional distance between you and money.

2. “Rich people are______________.” How have you been conditioned to complete this phrase? Are your answers mostly positive or negative?

3. Millionaires allow themselves to be objective when examining their dialogue with money. For instance, most people have heard the word “No” over 144,000 times by the time they turn 18 during an estimated 20,000 meals with their parents.

4. Who has been your “Money Mentor”? Whose advice have you been listening to when it comes to money and what it takes to achieve success? Are you seeking to duplicate the same type of results as this person in your life?

5. Millionaires consciously improve their internal dialogue with money. How familiar are you with the following statements?

We can’t afford it.

Filthy stinking rich.

Save your pennies

A home to die for.

Pray for a miracle

I hope the Lord provides.

I put my faith in the Lord, not money.

Money brings out the worst in people.

What new empowering statements can you create for yourself from a position of prosperity consciousness?

Getting Money Right Emotionally

Isn’t it about time that you got right with money?

I have personally coached thousands of great people whose struggles with money issues have caused them to sabotage themselves over and over.

Now, this is not about blaming anyone. You are now an adult and your perception of money is now up to you. But let me ask you this… Who was your role model when it came to money, prosperity, finance, and abundance?”

For most of us it was our parents and for them, it was their parents.

The next question to ask is…

What did you learn in your education about money?

Most high school curriculum teaches you about economics and government but nothing about how to attract money or how to have a healthy relationship with money. What you will typically learn is how to acquire job skills. You’ll be prepared to get paid what a particular job is worth, not what you are worth.

Making more money requires education about free enterprise and how to get paid what the free market bears… getting paid on your terms and your time frame, and learning about service and value. The more valuable you become through the service you provide, the more you will make. The misconception is that you have to work hard to become a millionaire. BUT… if that were the case, then all the world laborers would be millionaires.  

It can officially become “Now O’clock” at any minute.

There are 86,400 seconds every single day… 1,440 minutes, 24 hours, one day, one week, one month, one year, one lifetime.

You can change at any moment!

You are one thought away from success or one thought away from failure. It is a choice you have the opportunity to make every single day.


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