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Grow up…

Stop chasing rainbows.

Get a real job.

Have you ever had someone say that to you?

That’s what the dream stealers say. The people who follow along living an average life too afraid to step out of the herd.

If you are in free enterprise, you own a business, or you’re in network marketing… it’s going to be your responsibility to be persistent, determined, AND most of all tenacious.

In my own life, I was not an overnight success.

But I was able to create results relatively quickly because I had sales skills, branding skills, marketing skills, and writing skills going all the way back into the 70s. I have a degree in radio and television from Northwest Missouri State University. I was able to apply what I learned immediately to being an entrepreneur.

Now… I was not an overnight success, especially because I had drug and alcohol challenges. It took me until I was thirty-one years old to really understand how chronic my addiction was. When I got clean and sober at thirty-one, I began my reinvention process.

In my early entrepreneur career, I had flashes of brilliance, a few successes . . . but also a lot of disappointments and failures. As I moved into my thirties,  my commitment level rose. I was determined to live a good life. I developed the tenacity required to be successful.


What Does Tenacity Mean?

Being tenacious means never quitting.

It’s not giving up.

It means staying in the process long enough to master the emotions so you can master the skills. You come from a place that says, “I will not be denied!”

There’s a level of energy that transmutes from your body. It’s somewhere between passion and anger. It eats at you if you’re not succeeding or getting the results. It’s a process where you commit to learning the skills.

It bothers you if you’re not on stage… and not from a jealous state, but from the yearning for accomplishment.

To live your dreams, you must first personalize and then emotionalize them. Visualize the outcome you seek daily. Know that you are going to get there.

Many people tell me, “I want freedom. I want to live on a beach.” I ask, “What beach and what kind of investment would that be? Are you renting or are you buying? What state are you going to be living in?” You have to get clear on what that beach means, the lifestyle you want to live, and what it looks like. You also have to get clear about what a day in the life of a business owner is and what it’s going to require of you to become a millionaire.

Someone recently asked me if I would assist him to become a millionaire. I said, “No, I can’t do that. What I can do is coach you one hour every two weeks. I’ll give you insider tips. I’ll give you content and context. But it’s going to be your responsibility to create the mindset, the habits, and the skills to be the person that you want to become.”

Many people focus on being “the best.”

That’s great, but you want to be “your best” first.

That means you have a schedule, a routine, a method, and system. You require a way to be and stay in business. The inner game comes from the repetition and experience of producing daily. When you are building a business, you have to compete with yourself.


Don’t Compete with Other People

When you compare yourself to others, it will bring up insecurities and limiting beliefs. Instead, be results-conscious and solution-oriented with a relaxed intensity. In this state of being, you can attract people and situations at a much higher level of energy to collaborate and contribute with.

When you are no longer the mind/body connection to the events that have shaped your doubt, procrastination, and limiting beliefs… you can absolutely bring a level of tenacity where you will not be denied. You begin to come from a different type of energy where you attract people you can empower, and they can go on that journey with you. People who have the same kind of tenacity that you do start to show up.

Garth Brooks wrote a song called “Rodeo.” It’s one of my favorite songs. One of the lines in the song talks about selling off everything you own just to play the game.

I’ve done that. I’ve sold off everything I’ve owned to stay in business.

I’m not suggesting that you do that, but I’ll do it again if necessary because that’s how much it means to me. I’ll sell off any asset. I’ll do whatever I have to do to stay in business.

I’ll stay in integrity. I’ll stay in honesty, and I’ll stay in the game long enough to master the emotions, to master the skills, and to create the profit.

I have such a sense of certainty, commitment, and belief that I know that I will succeed. I’ve got tenacity and I’ve got heart. This is why I say talent is overrated.

The path to success is paved by making a conscious choice to overcome the past and create the vision of your future.




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