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When I began coaching 19 years ago, I started off with teaching the skills of prospecting and closing. Over time, I began to notice patterns that my clients would fall into which caused them to get stuck in their business and in their life.

As I began assisting people to break down the cause and effect relationships that led to their roadblocks, they began to break through.

Once you know the cause, your awareness opens the door so you can make a change… It allows you to rewire your brain.

Yes… I could teach my clients the skills of what’s required to run a business… but if old programming was running their body… they would never achieve the level of success and peace in their life they were seeking.

You may be asking yourself, do I have to hire a success coach to be successful…

And the answer is NO. You can absolutely breakthrough on your own.

BUT… if you are feeling stuck in one of the 3 areas I am going to discuss today…

… it may be time to consider hiring a success coach.

So let’s jump right in!

First up… the P word.


Let’s get something straight.

Procrastination is an effect… not a cause.

What does that actually mean?

It means you will procrastinate in isolated areas for a variety of reasons. Until you understand why you do what you do, your emotional engine will search for a familiar feeling… and lead you right back to what is familiar.

A large percent of procrastinators are addicted to processing. Processing is a control mechanism of your left brain, where you use your intellectual, analytical, egoic mind to avoid the perceived pain of a situation.

Basically… you are stuck in your head overthinking situations that haven’t happened.

Your left brain is where your intellect is. That’s your I.Q. Your right brain is where E.Q. is… that’s your emotional brain.

So in business, if you perceive a situation to be painful… like prospecting, for example, there’s a high probability you will avoid it.

The #1 reason I see people avoid prospecting is that they have anxiety about rejection.

Your ego will seduce you into believing that you will do it later. Instead, you’ll get ready to get ready.

Your SELF-TALK is either going to lead you from procrastination OR lead you right to it!

So, how do you change and release your procrastination tendencies? You have to change your perception of the perceived pain.

When you prospect… Is it actually painful or is it your left brain creating a situation to stay stuck so you can procrastinate?

When you hold on to feelings, past events… abandonments, rejections, and violations… it’s likely that these are the feelings that you are remembering or reverting back to when you prospect.

And that’s why you avoid prospecting.

The real key to transformation is to understand why you do what you do and begin to let go of the outcome.

Begin to understand that if a prospect says…

“I’m not interested,” it means just that… They are not interested. They are not rejecting you. They are not an old girlfriend or boyfriend breaking up with you. They are not your parent who left you waiting on the front porch to be picked up for the weekend.

When you begin to gain this type of awareness, you can begin to change your procrastination tendencies.

There’s another place where I see procrastination rear its head. And I’ve seen people get really stuck because of it.

So, let’s keep moving.


First, let’s define codependency.

Codependency is a type of dysfunctional relationship where one person frequently enables another person’s physical or emotional addictions.

This can include alcoholism, drugs, gambling, poor health, irresponsibility, or under-achievement… to name a few.

I know this may seem like a heavy topic but it’s one of the most common afflictions that I see affecting my clients and their ability to break through in their business.

If codependency becomes your identity… meaning always giving and taking care of others… It’s going to hinder your ability to attract the type of people you require to be prosperous.

If you have a whole group of people that you have to micromanage, stay on top of or do everything for… you will find it challenging to be in harmony or in flow.

You’ll feel overwhelmed.

If you are in a leverage business where you continue to enroll people that you have to service and do too much for… you will end up exhausted and disappointed.

Let me break it down for you…

You might be codependent if YOU:

  • Blame yourself for everything
  • Have challenges with boundaries
  • Feel not good enough
  • Feel guilty about spending money on yourself
  • Have challenges asking, receiving and deserving
  • Feel like a victim
  • Are afraid of making a mistake resulting in procrastination tendencies
  • Live in overwhelm
  • Are always giving and serving
  • Are indecisive for self


Take another look at the list above and consider how these characteristics will affect your business… and your ability to be successful.

If you have challenges asking, receiving and deserving… it is highly likely that your ability to close sales will be hindered.

No Sales =No Profits

If you are always doing for others… How will you create the duplication to create the leverage you are seeking?

The answer is…

You won’t!

There’s a very small percent of society that creates a 6-figure income and an even smaller percentage that creates a 7-figure income. If you want to move into that section of society, then you will have to learn to be comfortable with yourself… meaning have self-esteem.

You’ll have to change your dialog with money.


So many of us have been conditioned by the 20,000 meals we have eaten with the wrong financial planners.

YES… I’m talking about your parents.

A lot of the conditioning you received isn’t conducive to becoming wealthy or prosperous. Ask yourself… Who were my money mentors?

Be objective.

What is your conditioning about money?

In order to achieve optimal results from your entrepreneurial endeavors, it’s important that you first address and clear up any unconscious resistance to managing large amounts of money.

This type of awareness is specifically designed to rebuild your entire mindset and to clean up any limiting attitudes or beliefs regarding money.

You have to leave your broke thoughts behind.

This is what it comes down to…

Start with letting go of feeling uncomfortable with asking, deserving and receiving…

because this is the foundation for creating change!


So the question becomes… when should I hire a coach?

My answer… you don’t have to hire a coach to breakthrough. You can do the work on your own. You can learn the skills, create the habits and develop the mindset by reading books, working with your mentor, going to seminars and trainings… but most importantly, applying the knowledge.

But, if you find that you want to accelerate the progress or can’t seem to uncover what’s holding you back… then you may want to consider hiring a coach.

A great coach has the ability to break down the cause and effect relationships of why you do what you do and shine a spotlight on what you can’t see…

…especially emotional addictions or patterns of behavior that have you doing the same thing over and over wondering why nothing changes.

Procrastination, codependency and a poor dialog with money are the 3 situations that frequently keep people from achieving the level of success they are seeking.


And that’s why they hire me… because I can quickly get to the root cause and assist them to break free from old patterns and move into alignment with prosperity.

My most successful students have been coaching with me for 12+ months and have invested over $10,000. Because I know that investing this sum of money is not feasible for everyone…


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