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Ready to sit down with a bucket of oysters and start searching for the pearls? That’s exactly what you are going to do when you prospect. In order to become a PRO… I am bringing you my top 10 lessons for sorting prospects.



1) You require more leads than you can possibly handle because you can’t afford to be in lead poverty consciousness.


2) Professionals sort and amateurs sell. You are not in the sales business you are in the sorting business.


3) It’s not the scripts you use, it’s the person reading the scripts. It’s not what you say; It’s how you say it.


4) You are not in the saving or helping business. You are in the developing people business. People buy from people they believe are leaders. People buy what they perceive as value.


5) Don’t go back and chase your prospects… Because some will, some won’t, so what, someone is waiting, NEXT! It’s easier to give birth than to resurrect the dead.


6) Do not take any YES or NO personally. Do not be attached to people. Just because someone told you NO doesn’t mean you or they are a bad person. The timing may be wrong in this instance. You can go back to in the next 30-60-90 days to check their temperature.


7) You do not close people… They close themselves.
How do they do this? They close themselves from your posture. The more you
attempt to “sell someone”… the more they pull away from you. 

When you start from “need mode”… your prospects will sense it and they say things like, I need to think about it. I need to ask my wife.


8) You are not in the convincing business. You are not in the begging business and you are not in the selling business. You are in the sorting business. You are sorting through oysters looking for pearls. 


REMEMBER… You are going to have to do some numbers. The better you get, the fewer numbers you will have to do.


9) Law Of The Universe: You attract to you reality exactly who you are. You attract to your reality through your conscious and unconscious thought processes. The better you become internally, the higher quality the prospect that is attracted to your reality.


The more books you read, audios you listen to and the more people you are mentored by… the better you are going to become internally. This is a business of internal growth, not external questions.


10) When you are just getting started, you will make up in numbers what you lack in skill. The better you get, the better your prospects become. The better you get, the better sorter you become.


Amateurs sell… Professionals sort! Become a Professional Sorter!



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