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Leadership is not a position.

It’s really an action. A leader is simply someone who has the courage to set the example, to ride the waves.

When you are a leader… you live under a microscope.

Nothing you do or say will escape the scrutiny or an examination of your followers.

AND remember, being a leader takes courage. It takes heart.

A leader’s activities and attitudes will then simply mirror the example they set for others.

If you don’t return phone calls, for instance, or you don’t have good follow-up… what are you teaching the people in your circle of influence? If your own example is sloppy follow-up, then you must ask yourself repeatedly, “What message am I sending?”


Here’s what it comes down to…

Leaders are accountable.

They don’t expect their people or their followers to do anything that they wouldn’t do themselves. When it comes to effective leadership, you must also be willing to serve. Your desire, willingness and ability to serve others and the nature and quality of service given will be the major key to the success of the organization you develop or the company or the business that you start.

If you contribute your time, energy, emotion and effort, you will have an impact on people and their own challenges.

A leader develops his or her team in a way similar to a farmer planting his crops. A farmer plants seeds. Each seed is unique and according to the law of averages… some will grow and some won’t.

You can’t afford to be attached to every seed you plant.

The farmer can increase his averages and increase his yields simply by increasing the nourishment and attention given to the crops as they come up from the ground.

Here’s what I am attempting to tell you…

It’s your service as a leader to nourish your team and keep a constant eye out for the weeds of fear, doubt, rejection, objections and other types of negativity that can smother your harvest.


Leadership… quite simply is influence.

So you must never point to someone else or an outside circumstance as the cause of your challenges. Aim to be in a position to take responsibility objectively for how you feel, how your people feel, for both your own actions and the actions of those on your team, as well as the end result produced. This is why being objective is so important when it comes to being a leader.


Events build belief.

Most network marketers, especially if you are new in the business, don’t have enough belief to in themselves or the networking marketing model to become successful.

As a leader, it’s important to use events to assist your team to gain knowledge about your industry and learn from people who have achieved higher levels of success.

Your teammates require hearing the stories of how others just like them… overcame obstacles and how the “regular Joe” was able to “make it.”

Before and after stores are powerful. It’s the, “If she can do it, so can I,” effect.

Furthering your education and developing your skills is a non-negotiable if you are going to be successful. And remember… your team is watching you! If you skip key events or are not actively personally developing yourself, you cannot expect your teammates to do what you are not.

Events are an investment.


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