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You may be reading this blog post because there’s a mountain you want to climb. And that mountain is creating a 7-figure income. Because it can be challenging, you’re probably looking for guidance and for mentorship.

If that’s you, I want you to understand something… there is a proven process to reach 7-figures!

Last week’s blog focused on the 1st step in my 7 Steps to 7-Figures process. If you missed it, you can read it here: HOW TO BUILD A 7-FIGURE MINDSET: LEARN THE 4 L’S 

Today, I am going to focus on step #2.

Being Self-Motivated

This step is called self-motivated.

When you are self-motivated, you don’t require someone else to motivate you. Most of us have been groomed, raised, and conditioned to have a job or go to college and we receive job skills, we require someone else to tell us what to do and we operate from the 40, 40, 40 club… that would be 40 hours, $40,000, and 40 years.

Unfortunately, it typically only brings us a $40 Timex.

When you’ve spent much of your life waiting for someone else to tell you what to do… when you decide to become an entrepreneur and you operate in free enterprise, it requires that you are self-motivated.

No one is going to give you your ideas. It’s going to be important that you attract them. You let them flow. And when it comes to being self-motivated, this is where producing results is important.

The reason that you are an entrepreneur and the reason that you are in free enterprise and the reason that you have your own business is so you can produce what is called profit.

I see so many people get confused when it comes to this phase of the steps.

What they do is continue to get ready to get ready so they can get ready to procrastinate. They want to have all their ducks in line. They want to have everything perfect. They want to have the right phone script. They want to know what to say. They want to know who to attract. They want to know who to talk to. They have to have all the facts and figures and everything has to be logical so they can create no profit.

I call this operating a nonprofit organization.

And most people who have a small business from the comfort of their home continue to operate their enterprise and their business as though they were a non-profit organization. They stay confused so they can continue to not receive what they perceive they don’t deserve.

This sounds exhausting, doesn’t it?


Self-Motivated to Create Profit

The reason that you are in free enterprise is so you can create profit. This is where you start to receive what the free market will bear. Being self-motivated is going to require a different level of not just physical energy, but emotional energy.

If you continue to tell yourself you have to do something…

“I’m going to pound the telephone. I’m going to get on the phone.”

Well… “It ain’t going to happen,” to quote the cliché.

If you have to make yourself and if you’re making yourself, you’re not self-motivated.

“How can I be self-motivated?”

First of all, it’s important to find an opportunity. You find a business or you find a situation where what you’re doing is fun. If it isn’t fun, then you will resist the process. If it isn’t fun, then you’ll try.

That is the operative word… to make yourself produce because you don’t enjoy it.

The word rejection and the word no are a couple of words that stop most want-to-be success seekers. You have to understand that there is no rejection. No one rejects you. People typically give you a series of objections about why they can’t or won’t and are unable to make a decision.

See… most people plain and simply just don’t know how to decide. Most people are unable to make a decision and they procrastinate or they contradict themselves. Even many of you reading this content find yourself in that spot.


Having WHYS

At any given moment, you can become self-motivated.

Being self-motivated really requires having some WHYS or having some reasons.

Why are you doing what you’re doing? Why are you willing to go through what you feel you’ll have to go through to achieve your 7-figures… to become a millionaire or a millionairess?

What are the reasons that are going to motivate you to get out of bed when you have a headache? What is going to motivate you to take action when it’s a beautiful day out and you have other options? What is it?

When you start to develop some reasons and they’re clear, they’re cut, they’re black or white… you’ll have some clarity.

You can see.

You can feel.

You can believe.

These become anchors and this is what will allow you to be self-motivated.


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