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I’m sure you’ve heard these phrases before…

Look before you leap.

Take a leap of faith.

Leap at the chance.

Making leaps and bounds.


… if you want to accelerate your life and business… it’s time for you to make a special kind of leap.

You require a Quantum Leap.

That’s when 2 + 2 =16.

It’s when the sum is greater than the whole of the parts. It’s when you go from making $64,000 in a year to making $900,000 in a year. It’s when the people start to show up and the compound effect takes place.

So… how do you make a quantum leap?


Quantum Consciousness

It starts with consciousness. Consciousness means awareness.

When you become aware of your emotional state and what drives your behaviors… you have the ability to change and raise your energy.

As you begin to let go of your anxieties and move into the present… as you let go of the events that have shaped your feelings and you start to become much more consciously aware of why you do what you do…

…you begin to understand predictability.

And when you no longer are the mind-body connection to the events that have shaped your anxieties and your addictions… then your energy changes.

As you begin to change your energy, your emotional vibration, your emotional etheric energy, your spirituality… that’s when your charisma begins to change. As you begin to live in peace and pleasure, when you’re able to create results in free enterprise and you are free of guilt, shame worry, anger, hate, resentment and any other overwhelmed feelings…

…then you’re no longer the mind-body connections that keep you in fight or flight… or anxious.

This letting go process will allow you to begin to move into a consciously aware state. As it becomes your identity and you have a very relaxed command of your emotions, you will begin to change your consciousness.

Now, it’s this very consciousness that can lead you to break down the cause and effect relationships that have kept you stuck. As you begin to rewire your brain, you can begin to attract to your reality a different type of person, opportunity, situation, soul mate, teammate, prosperity partner and any multitude of situations that foster enlightenment.

As you begin to love in an illuminated, enlightened state, aware state… you attract to your reality easily and effortlessly the situations that will foster your purpose.

To make a quantum leap… you have to realize that your past doesn’t equal the future.

When your past and present are tied together, you never get to your future.

I see it and sense it in my clients all the time. I know they are stuck in an unresolved issue. You have to forgive people and situations that keep you from moving forward. When you let go of the past it allows you to move into the present.

See, the present is now. It’s today. When you move into this realm, your present becomes tied to your future… instead of being stuck in the past. It’s in your present that you start to understand fast growth.


Accelerated Growth

Fast growth is when you step fast and let go of the past.

Are you ready for your quantum leap?

Ask yourself this…

What are you holding on to that is keeping you stuck in the past?

You have to be able to walk to the light. You have to be able to be in that zone to be able to face your own anxieties.

But until you are enough, you will continue to parlay your feelings of not being good enough…

…attracting to your reality the people and situations that keep you overwhelmed and emotionally intoxicated to a set of feelings that don’t allow you to operate in the zone you’re out of the zone.

It means you’re in balance, in integrity, you’re genuine, you’re authentic. All of these words are synonymous with “one with” and it’s in that “one with” state where you reside in a conscious state that you’re no longer overwhelmed.

So, when you have a big task ahead of you… you have to rely on your energy, your wit, your know how…

… your ability you create a solution for a problem without overwhelming yourself with the challenge.

You have to be able to rely on your intuition. This is when the situation begins to accelerate. There’s an undertow, a centrifugal force that begins to happen because you’ve let go of that control. And when you let go of that control… your efforts begin to quantify.

But if you make a situation bigger than it is and you become overwhelmed. When you’re overwhelmed, you’re undisciplined. When you’re undisciplined, you’re not clear. When you’re not clear, your communication style emanates overwhelm and creates drama and chaos.

Then it spirals.

You attract people and situations to fulfill your low self-esteem.

AND then you wonder why you’re not successful… why no producers show up in your team and you wonder why you continue to attract people who drop off and aren’t committed.

Ultimately, you spend too much time and energy looking at the people who fail rather than seeking people who are success minded.


The Zone

To make a quantum leap, you have to get in the zone.

The zone is where you move into a state of autosuggestion. So when someone says to you…

I’d really like to do this but I have to run it by my husband.

You’re able to say… Can you close your husband?

When someone says to you: I’d really like to do this but I don’t have the money…

You’re able to say: Do you see the value?

When someone says to you: How much money have you made?

You’re able to have a good comeback and be able to turn that situation around so you can move on to the next question. When you’re able to let go of your anxieties about situations haven’t happened… you’re living in a state of consciousness, highly aware and in tune with your with your feelings and your emotions.

We are all emotional beings. But you have to learn how NOT to let your emotions run your brain.

This is what changes your Attractor Factor.

I know what you are going to say…

Jeff… How do I?

Number one… commit to understanding energy.

Read books that give you a better understanding of how energy is created. Be able to sit and meditate. Learn to let go and be able to be grounded. This can be yoga principles, breathing principles, chanting, a whole multitude of techniques that allow you to be in your body.

When you’re able to be in that state… now your energy changes. You can attract easily and effortlessly one or two enlightened success seekers that you require to build businesses.

People begin to show up because you have value. You’re able to easily, effortlessly and intuitively hear what’s meant, not said. You’re able to let people go quickly and effectively because you can tell they don’t qualify for your time or opportunity. You don’t spend time chasing and stalking people or begging people hoping that one day they join your team.

You’re not disappointed when people don’t see what you see and you have a much better understanding of cause and effect. You understand why people do what they do and their predictability. It’s in this prosperity consciousness that you are changing your brainwave state.

With this awareness… you can attract the people who will pay the price.

There are a few people who will see what you see. There are a few people who believe what you believe. There are a few people who will ask themselves why do I do this NOT how do I do it. There are a few people who can easily and effortlessly sidestep step the drama and chaos.

When you stop trying and you start being… your energy changes. When you stop whining… you start winning. Your energy changes when you show up as the person people are seeking.

People begin to show up easily and effortlessly.

And that my friends is when 2+2 begins to =16.

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