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What does it mean to be “psychologically unemployable”?

If you are reading this post, your curiosity has been sparked by my title.

AND you are either already an entrepreneur or are in the process of becoming one. Psychologically unemployable means you are a renegade, an outcast, a throwback, a radical, a stallion, a mustang, a rebel, dysfunctional, don’t fit in, out of the status quo, tired of trading time for dollars, an out-of-the-box thinker, an artist, a musician, or any multitude of other adjectives.

The real point is that you are ready to achieve “more mores.” This means more time on your terms to enjoy life and more opportunities to be creative in ways that will increase your value.

At the age of thirty-two, I realized I would never get rich or wealthy working for someone else. I found that typical jobs pay what a job is worth… and that the odds of getting rich and being able to express my true creativity in a job were minimal.

I had always been creative and been a big thinker, but I had reached a level of consciousness that screamed, “I can’t do this!”… meaning work for someone else anymore.

Plain and simply, I wanted more in life.

I wanted my dreams, I wanted to be creative, I wanted passion, I wanted purpose…

…I wanted to take off the tie, the shirt, and the penny loafers, I wanted to scream, “I want out!” and so I did.

I eventually walked away from my job and ventured into “the land of the unknown,” free enterprise. I was completely unprepared for that first step. I found very quickly that entrepreneurship required a different set of life skills than what I had learned operating in someone else’s dream, otherwise known as a job.


Becoming An Entrepreneur

The first step in being an entrepreneur is not so much the physical action of starting a business. It’s about deciding… and this is what most people don’t do.

To succeed, you must decide to commit to a process that repeated over time will allow you to learn the skills required to master your new craft.

As a society, we are impatient, and our expectations are extremely high. I believe we live in a commitment-phobic society where we are conditioned to live in fear and in debt. We may not like what we do for a living, but our society has been conditioned to accept this situation. There’s a level of comfort that keeps most people from taking risks that will eventually bring them the rewards they deserve.

You will find that not only will your decision be uncomfortable for you at times, but not everyone you know or love will automatically be in your corner.

You will hear, “Grow up, get real, who do you think you are? You’re a dreamer, stop dreaming, stop chasing rainbows, you’re not smart enough, good enough,” and a multitude of reasons why you can’t, won’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t, and will be unable to make it in your own business.

Don’t listen to them.

Evaluate who is giving you this information. If it’s the dogcatcher, the fireman, your next-door neighbor, or someone who is as broke as you are, reevaluate whom to listen to.

This is why having a mentor or developing a mastermind team is important in the first stage of free enterprise. The average person is overwhelmed with “What to do?” This is the very reason that procrastination is so prevalent for the “want-to-be” success-seeker.

The “getting ready to get ready” mentality is a great diversion and a great way to fool yourself into thinking that you are doing something when you are doing nothing. Surprisingly, this is a byproduct of you being so accustomed to having someone else tell you what to do.

Committing To The Process

Success is a process as an entrepreneur, but it is mostly about what you do daily. Your habits will make or break you.

It is so important to choose an endeavor or create a situational niche that you enjoy. Because if you don’t enjoy what you do… you will find every way possible to resist that which you are attempting to succeed at.

We as humans operate from two perspectives in life… pleasure or pain.

That which we perceive to be painful we resist… and that we perceive to be pleasurable we do.

You see…

…this is the very reason that what you speak is exactly what you will get or receive.

Your word is your law.

As an entrepreneur, you are actually letting yourself have fun doing what you do versus “working really hard” or “trying to make myself do.” These are work-related job and struggle-mentality type of statements that will not serve you. The time you spend worrying, pressuring yourself and stressing over how you are going to succeed will have an adverse effect.

Deep breathing will serve as a new anchor to allow yourself to let go when fear and anxiety enter your consciousness.

When fear and anxiety knock on your door… learn to allow yourself a different level of breathing from your diaphragm rather than the anxious, pressure-based, performance-oriented, everyday job-type shallow breathing of stress. Learn to stay in your power by letting go and enjoying the process rather than making yourself DO.


Love What You Do

When you love the vocation you’ve chosen to create the freedom you deserve…

…you are truly designing your life.

What you do for a living is not nearly as important as what you do while you are living. Choose an opportunity or create an enterprise that you love spending time in.

Allow yourself to have so much fun that there is nothing else you would rather do.

Let yourself be creative and use your talents so that they become skills. Hone your craft and love every second of the process!

Does medicine have to taste bad to be good? Do you have to work really hard to produce results on your terms? Who said producing isn’t fun?

Begin to give yourself a new set of permissions to love your vocation, and I guarantee you will achieve a new level of results and success!

Our society is starving for leadership.

When you are psychologically unemployable…

And you are pursuing entrepreneurship…

…when you have made the decision to be exceptional, to become a leader, to be different than what is accepted as “the norm,”…

…you will begin to attract better opportunities and situations to you.

Opportunities are never lost.

They are always taken by the right people.

Is that you?


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