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The Psychology of Prospecting

Prospecting really is a skill that can be studied and broken down, and once you understand the psychology of prospecting, the process will stop feeling so hard and begin to become fun! When you can begin to set yourself up for success rather than failure, connect with your prospects objectively, and maximize the return on your time invested in your enterprise you will receive more of the results you desire – new business partners and new clients!

Prospecting and creating results is both a science and an art. In this powerful 8-track audio program, Jeffery Combs teaches you the skills he has developed and perfected to create multiple seven figure income results so that you can become a Master Prospector now!

In this digital 8 volume of The Psychology of Prospecting set, you will learn how to:

  • Attract prospects who become prosperity partners!
  • Effectively turn your prospecting time into money!
  • Interview prospects using a posture that keeps you in your peace!
  • Master the art of listening and hear what prospects mean not say!
  • Use three-way calling techniques that produce results!
  • Identify common questions and objections that prospects use!
  • Get your point across in 30-seconds or less!