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Principles for Prosperity

That’s right… You deserve to have it all, and now success coach Jeffery Combs will show you how! The 3% of our population who create prosperity and abundance in their lives follow a different set of principles than the other 97%. Finally, you will have the opportunity to learn the principles of the rich from someone who has gone from the bottom of our Socio-Economic Pyramid into the top 1/10 of 1% of all income earners on the planet!

In this audio you will learn: 

  • The six basic prosperity myths that may be holding you back and how to overcome them

  • The thirteen secrets used by the super rich for turning failure into fortune

  • How to release any unconscious resistance you may have towards money so you can create the prosperity you seek and deserve

  • How to create belief systems that produce unlimited wealth

  • Three key points that will magnify the prosperity results in all of your financial endeavors