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 Many people stay in their talent, afraid to take a risk. Any kind of success is going to involve risks and average people resist taking risks because they believe that they have to stay comfortable. To become the person you deserve to be you have to get uncomfortable, you have to get out of the box.

More Heart Than Talent can assist you to:

  • Step Out of Your Talent and Into Your Heart
  • Become the Leader Other People Are Looking For
  • Become a Goal Getter, Not a Goal Setter
  • Develop an Agenda for Change
  • Understand Why You Do What You Do
  • Glide Through Adversity
  • Manage Yourself Instead of Your Time
  • Develop Your Emotional Resilience - Get Off the Emotional Roller Coaster!
  • Live in Your Intuition, Feel From Your Heart, and Be In the Moment