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So you’ve been in this thing for over a year.

You go to the trainings, events, conventions and listen to the podcasts. You get on the team calls and read how-to books.

The challenge is you don’t seem to be getting anywhere in your network marketing business. You can’t quite figure out why. Here is the question you have to ask yourself…

Are You producing or procrastinating?

You have to ask yourself… Am I taking the action required to create movement in my business? Am I prospecting daily? Am I setting follow-up appointments? Am I doing 3-way calls with teammates?

When you are success driven, when you are about the habits of a successful millionaire, when you are committed to honing your craft, when you will pay the price, when you rear is in the chair— meaning dedicated blocks of time in a dedicated space to produce… You are in production mode.

This all comes down to your level of commitment to the process. If you tell yourself you need to commit, there is no needing to commit. You either commit or you don’t. Committing is black or white in a very gray world.

If you go to the events rallies conventions and don’t come back on Monday and Tuesday to produce… then what you had was a good time. You got motivated but if you come back inspired.. you produce!

What many people do is come back from an event and they are jacked sideways.

Oh My God!! That was the best event I ever attended.

It probably was but here’s what you have to do with it…

J.F.P. You have to produce. You don’t get paid for getting motivated. You get paid for results. Action is paramount! That’s what power is. Action is power. Avoidance is giving your power away. Procrastination makes you powerless. You can’t possibly succeed by avoiding.


The Success Fairy

People tend to live in denial and they avoid. They think that mythically, magically something is going to happen at one of the events they go to. The success fairy is going touch down on their shoulder. Tinkerbell is going to put money on their pillow and they’re going to be able to rub it and all of a sudden they are going to become successful.

It doesn’t happen that way. Success never happens without paying the price.

Procrastination is the thief of people’s dreams. Many people procrastinate to control the outcome. I know… it sounds ridiculous, but many people are addicted to procrastination. It keeps them doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.


Average VS. Exceptional

People ask me… What separates you from the average?

First of all, I never set out to be average. When someone asks me what do average people make in this thing? My response… Average people don’t make squat! They don’t make it in the entrepreneurial world. You are either exceptional or you are average.

Once again, this is one of those situations that in gray world… it’s black or white. If you are average, you are not going to get anywhere.

When you can bring power to the game, it neutralizes force. If you try to force yourself to do something, then you attract other people who become your counterforce. Force is when you spend a lot of time in your head and try to force yourself to do situations. Then, you get so overwhelmed trying to force yourself that you put it off until tomorrow… You get exhausted in that kind of energy.

When you relax in power… it’s a long lasting energy that requires no fuel because you are the fuel. You don’t have to gas up when you are inspired… Because you are inspired.

Many people that enter into free enterprise spend a great deal of time getting trained and educated. There is value in education and training, but the real value comes from the application—applied knowledge to create a result. When you come from that kind of integrity and power, you are in the process of change.

You have to embrace change. Embrace the process. Develop the reflex of success.

As you let go of force… You can live in power.



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