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Have you ever noticed that people attend rallies, events, seminars, conventions, trainings, and mastermind groups… and they leave inspired and excited?

Then they return home, back to their familiar surroundings and procrastinate rather than produce?

They join what I call the Witness Protection Program…

…meaning they don’t return your phone calls or respond to your emails or texts. You may not ever hear from them again.

Does it baffle you?

You are probably shocked at the small number of people that actually follow through on their intentions. There’s a big difference between those that intend to create the action required and those that actually commit.

Unfortunately, this normal behavior for most of society. A large percentage of the population seeks change, yet fail to take action because change and success would contradict their struggle.

Why does this happen?

Take diet and exercise, for example. If food is a situation that affects you…

… going on a diet and beginning an exercise program are going to be components of releasing weight. But in the end, they’re only the superficial cause that creates the effect.

Think about that for a moment.

If you first begin to address the reasons you overeat, then you can get to the cause of your procrastination and resistance to weight loss. Many people start a diet in late December or January, but by March and April the luster wears off.

You go to the gym in January and February, but by March and April the sun comes out, the weather gets nicer, and you lose sight of your goal. The same situation happens in network marketing and direct sales.


Why is Procrastination Thriving?

Not paying attention, getting ready to get ready, surfing the Web, playing computer games, watching the electronic income reducer… (that would be the television) are just some of the ways the vast majority of the population avoids doing what they intend to do but are never fully committed to achieving.

Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media have created a whole new way to stay connected…

AND a whole new way to procrastinate.

“I’m going to prospect on Facebook,” you say to yourself. Instead, what happens is that you catch up on all the posts, but you don’t do any connecting because you get seduced into avoiding the pain.

This is a great example of being busy rather than productive.

The seduction of social media allows you to put off what you should do while spending more time doing what you merely want to do. Succumbing to these enticements can absolutely be costly. It can cost you time and money.

And then it can cause you to experience guilt and shame, which are the lowest level of feelings that you transmit to others telepathically through our emotional vibrations. Some of the highest levels of feeling that you can vibrate from are love, serenity, and bliss.

Can you agree that these are challenging emotions to operate from while in the midst of procrastination?

Now, there’s a huge difference between someone who procrastinates occasionally and someone who procrastinates chronically.

Let’s assume that you are an occasional procrastinator… meaning you’re an average procrastinator. You’re not addicted to procrastination, but there are areas where procrastination hinders you.

Take a look at your bank account.

Does procrastination hinder you there? Take a look at your physique and your health. Does procrastination hold you back you there? Take a look at your desk. Is it piled high with papers that you can’t let go of? Is your house a maze of clutter? How about your closet? When you open the door, does everything fall down on you? Or maybe you’re one of those people whose garage is so filled with stuff that there’s no room for the cars. Now, that’s procrastination!

Here are some key questions to ask yourself…

  • What is the byproduct of my procrastination?
  • Does procrastination cause me guilt and shame?
  • Do I feel overwhelmed when it comes to the process of change?
  • Do my abandonment and rejection issues keep me from using the electronic income creator (i.e., the telephone)?
  • Does procrastination keep me from avoiding production?
  • Does the pain of producing hinder me?
  • Would actually producing liberate me?

Perfection or Mastery?

No matter what you do, you will never be 100 percent. But it’s not about being 100 percent anything. It isn’t about being “the best.”

This is about being your best.

You will always have challenges. You will have ups and downs. However, your ability to bounce back will determine whether you are barely in the game or whether you master the game.

You are brilliant.

You are already perfect.

Your soul is having human experiences.

You have what is required.

You have the guts.

You have the juice.

You have the G-A-M-E baby.

Most of you just haven’t played it yet. You haven’t committed and you haven’t decided. The good news is that each and every day you are granted a new gift called “time” and that equals 86,400 seconds or 1,440 minutes.

When it comes to production and procrastination… one liberates you and one intoxicates you. The liberation from production is from a task well done, from receiving a reward, a paycheck, a payment, a bonus, or a big check…

It’s from a task accomplished, from walking across the stage, getting an award, getting a hug from a teammate or a family member.

On the other hand, the intoxication you derive from procrastination… the guilt, the shame, the overriding feelings of unworthiness…

“I’m not good enough.”

“I can’t believe I’ve done it again.”

“It’s so big I can’t possibly start.”

This is one of the biggest challenges with procrastination!


Beyond Motivation

So what will allow you to overcome procrastination?

Two situations…

One… understanding why you procrastinate and why you do what you do.

AND two… creating reasons, goals, purposes, and objectives that are bigger than your procrastination issues.

You have to develop something in your mindsight, something in your vision, something that’s clear, something that motivates you.

But beyond motivation is inspiration. Inspiration is that fire in your gut. It’s that passion in your core muscles, in your groin. Inspiration resides in the lower half of your body, where all your emotional, etheric energy is. It’s the white-light energy called charisma that others around you can feel. They sense it and they want to be a part of it.

Inspiration is a silent power that will carry you through your challenges.

It will allow you to get back on a horse when you’ve been thrown off. It will allow you to get back on course when your brain’s reticular activating system, otherwise known as your emotional Google search engine, has taken you off course. No matter how good you get, you will still procrastinate in isolated areas.

Procrastination is an effect you can learn to address but it’s important to discover its cause.

Here’s the key to understanding how cause and effect works…

You think thoughts that become feelings… feelings become moods… moods become your identity. This is the beginning of understanding that you are not a procrastinator.

Instead, practice saying to yourself, “I procrastinate in isolated areas that I:

1) don’t understand

2) am learning to let go of

3) perceive pain

Now, instead of calling yourself a procrastinator, affirm that you are a recovering procrastinator. It’s the twelve-step program to liberation, wealth, and joy.


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