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Prospecting is when you sit down in your chair with your phone in hand and you do some numbers.

That’s A.I.C. time.

Let me explain something to you. It’s massive numbers and massive action that will get you massive results. Many people hear the word prospecting and they cringe because they equate prospecting with telemarketing.

S-A-L-E-S. Yes. Sales! Ooooh… They don’t like that word. But prospecting really means this… You are going to sit down with a bucket of oysters and you are going to sift through to find a few pearls.

When you start your business, you are going to be required to do some prospecting to find the quality people you are looking for in your enterprise. But before ou do anything, you have to get comfortable with the fact that your going to have to create some numbers.

Now, for you to sit down with your telephone and it may weigh 50 pounds… I suggest you change your thought process. Prospecting can be one of the most lucrative situations you will come across to put you in what I call The Promised Land.

Prospecting is the lifeblood of your enterprise. If you don’t prospect, you don’t get paid! So, you have your leads and you’re ready to sit down and start making some calls. You’ll want to have a script to guide you.

Now… don’t get caught up in, “What to say.” What matters is how you say it!

Having Posture

You say or ask with posture. You say it with attitude. You say it with mindset. You let them know that you are the leader they are looking for.

I’m going to share with you some examples of how to have posture. Here is a short clip from my Power Prospecting and Sorting for Pros Audio Training.

Pay attention to how I redirect the prospect because I have posture.




…you are not here to SELL someone into the business. Prospecting is panning for gold, you have to get in the river and sift through some sand to find the gold nuggets. It doesn’t take a lot of gold nuggets to put results in your bank account.

In this next sound clip, you will hear how my posture commands attention.


Language Clues

Part of being a professional sorter is being able to pick up on people’s language style.  Prospect’s language and word choices give you clues to their mindset. When a prospect uses words like: need, guess, um, like to… it will often clue you in that they are not committed or they are unsure of themselves. When you hear words like: absolutely, I’m committed to, yes… then that type of person is communicating from clarity of purpose.

As you listen to this next clip, focus on the language style of the prospect. What do you notice?



Now in this final clip, you hear how the prospect is seeking validation. You absolutely do not want to revert to selling mode. You’re a sorter… not a seller. If you try to sell someone into the business, you’ll have to continue selling them once they’re in. Your ability to hear what people mean will allow you respond instead of reacting. When you react, it’s likely you will start selling.

Take a listen…



As you are in the process of becoming a professional, remember this…

Professionals sort, amateurs sell. You’re not in the sales business, you are in the developing people business. You ‘re not in the begging and convincing business. You are a sorter.

The better you become internally, the higher quality prospects you will attract to your reality. This is a business of growth, not external questions. There are many gold nuggets out there. So as you improve your skills, habits, and mindset… sifting through the sand will be well worth the rewards.


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