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What is a breakthrough? A breakthrough is an emotional experience.

A breakthrough is letting go of past events that have become an identity.

Often times, you will have a story about an event that has happened to you and that story can become your identity. In the neurological network in your brain chemistry, you have events that have shaped your feelings. Sometimes these feelings become a mood and then an identity… and in that identity, you will secrete biochemicals that you become emotionally addicted to.

To break through is to let go of the way you feel about events that no longer serve you.

Once you can start to separate yourself from an event… you can effectively break through. But if you continue to hold on and stay in control of the control that keeps you out of control, then you are stuck in procrastination.

If you are a procrastinator and you seek to let go of that identity, you will have to gain a better understanding of HOW and WHY you become emotionally addicted.  The emotional addiction is what leads to physical addictions and keep you doing the same thing over and over.

Most people want success, but the majority end up sabotaging themselves. If you don’t know why you do what you do… how can you create the shift required to be successful?

That’s why I’m going to assist you with what you are not aware of. I’m going to teach you the power of language.


The Power Of Word

Men and women constantly create laws with their words. Most of society is unaware of their language and communication style that leads right into poverty… right into diseases… right into their emotional and physical addictions. Words are law… they do not return void.

Isn’t it time you start choosing your words more wisely?

All transformation begins with your words. To break through, you have to master persuasion…. you have to persuade yourself. Begin by using words of commitment and decision.

Let go of words like TRY… tomorrow is really yesterday.

Stop using words like NEED. Need is a future tense term that has no commitment.

Your self-talk also has to be conducive to the outcome you seek. Rather than saying you need it or you’ll try… begin to use words that empower you like… I Am, Absolutely, Unequivocally, I Commit.

You have to use words of success to attract success and to become successful.

Need is one of the most disempowering words spoken by the masses. I correct my clients daily who will tend to say need a minimum of 10 times in an hour…

“What I need to do…”

Once again, let me remind you that need reinforces procrastination.

When you change your language, you change your life. The more you understand the power of word, the more you will begin to affirm. With the power of affirmation comes the power of belief. And as you affirm… you strengthen your belief and sense of certainty.

When your language style and words communicate that you will not back down, you are committed, and you will not be denied… then you have the power to break through.


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