Breakthroughs To Success

Breakthroughs To Success is designed for those with a heartfelt desire to take their lives and businesses to the next level. By addressing past events, self-talk, physical and emotional addictions, along with any current misalignments in your being, you will gain the ability to address the cause and effect of why you do you do in your personal life and in business. You will gain the knowledge to break down the barriers that will allow you to overcome the challenges you will face on your journey!


Hilton Stockton
2323 Grand Canal Blvd
Stockton, CA 95207


Thursday 7:00 PM - 10:30 PM

You will be picked up in groups at the Sacramento SMF airport from 10am-2pm. You will be dropped off at the Stockton Hilton. Thursday evening begins with a meet greet and live music presented by the Golden Mastermind House Band. Water, wine, cheese, and fruit are provided to snack on. The evening will continue on with a limousine ride to the Golden Mastermind Headquarters and a tour of Jeff's private museum. Here you will learn how to create a clearly defined vision of the outcome you seek for the weekend.

Friday 9:00AM - 10:30PM

Are you constantly late? Do you rebel against your own success? Do you sabotage your relationships and businesses? Today is about discovering how past events have shaped the present you live in. You'll gain an understanding of how emotional addictions are created and how your past shows up in your life today. This will end at 6:00 PM. Following the event is an optional group dinner to reflect on the day's breakthroughs. This dinner is from 8:30 PM till close and will require an additional investment of $60 to dine.

Saturday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

What are you seeking to receive in your life? Today is about clearly stating your intention and releasing the conditioning in your body that is keeping you from achieving your result. You'll gain a deep understanding of the cause that creates the effect.

Sunday 3:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Sunday morning begins early to get you to the airport on time. You will be picked up in organized groups at the Stockton Hilton and dropped off at the SMF Sacramento Airport.


Dress business casual and comfortable throughout the weekend. The room temperature can fluctuate, so please be prepared.

Thursday: In preparation for the Meet and Greet, we suggest that you eat a meal before attending. There will be wine, water, cheese, crackers, fruit and nuts provided from 7-830PM.

Friday – Saturday: A buffet lunch will be provided both days from 1230-130PM. The group dinner Friday night is optional and will be an additional $60 to dine with the group. On Saturday night the group typically will organize a gathering at a local restaurant.


You are responsible for your airfare and hotel accommodations. Please download this guide here: TRAVEL AND PLANNING GUIDE

Our limousine service will be picking you up from SMF on Thursday before 2 PM and bringing you back to SMF on Sunday before 12 PM.

If you choose to join the group dining experience Friday night you will be responsible for your own vehicle transportation to the restaurant. The restaurant is 2 miles from the Stockton Hilton.



Breakthroughs To Success Is For Jeffery's Private Coaching Clients That Are Committed To Empowering Themselves To Improve Their Productivity And Enhance Their Quality Of Life. It Is For Those Striving To Identify Their Goals And Dreams With Absolute Precision, Release Any Barriers That May Be Keeping Them From Achieving These Desires, Dramatically Increase Physical Energy, Mental Clarity, And Revitalize Both Personal And Professional Relationships.


    • Allow You To Release The Cause Creating Your Effect!
    • Jeffery Combs' signature event, Breakthroughs To Success, is loaded with insight, strategies and hands-on exercises that Jeff has used to coach his students and highly successful clients with. These events are so powerful in so many ways for the attendee and are proven over and over again with every client who is seeking to breakthrough.

      Here is just a snapshot of what you'll receive at Breakthroughs To Success:

      • WHY YOU DO WHAT YOU DO – Learn how to break down why you want to change so you can begin to change. Breakthrough on your routines and daily addictions that you are unaware that are keeping you stuck doing the same things over and over again.
      • BREAKTHROUGH YOUR INCOME – Learn to create more money by changing your dialogue with money. And learn to adopt the skills, habits. and mindset required to be and stay a consistent income earner.
      • BUILD A MENTAL TOOLKIT FOR SUCCESS – Learn the key to life which is how to become aware, let go, and rebuild a new emotional resilience that will give you the confidence to become a bulletproof business owner and better person in your life.


        • First class limousine service transportation to and from the Sacramento Airport on the Thursday and Sunday of your Breakthroughs To Success weekend.
        • A cocktail reception Thursday evening.
        • Catered lunches on Friday and Saturday.
        • Hands-on training with Jeff.