About Jeffery Combs

Jeffery Combs Success and Addiction Coach

Jeffery Combs is a success & addiction coach and author of five books including the most recent Amazon #1 best seller "The Breakthrough Factor". Jeffery turned his 31 years of sobriety living in recovery, one day at a time, into a 21 year speaking, writing, and coaching career known as the brand Golden Mastermind Seminars Inc. Jeffery's content and coaching focuses on breaking through and letting go.

Jeffery's ability to facilitate personal breakthroughs is a direct result from coaching 12,000 clients one-on-one 60,000 hours in the discipline and skills of letting go.

Focusing on "the cause that creates the effect of why we do what we do", Jeffery developed a recipe for living in a state of recovery that when mastered allows you to live, produce results, and relax in a "let go state” not attached to the outcome.

"A breakthrough is recognizing a learned condition, reflex, or behavior. Understanding the events that shape the feelings, while developing the skills to let go of those feelings. My niche developed over a long career facilitating my clients in understanding the events which shaped the feelings that keep them stuck. These feelings show up as procrastination, anger, guilt, shame, resentment, and in multitude of situations in life and business.”

Jeffery's work has been featured nationally on programs including: Lifetime TV,CBS, ABC,Fox, NBC, and TLC's The Balancing Act covering the topics of his books on recovery, production, and breaking through.

Jeffery offers a 20-minute one-on-one coaching session for first time clients. Request a 20-minute session under the coaching link.

Jeffery also routinely speaks throughout the United States for groups of entrepreneurs, sales teams, companies, and like minded individuals at his More Heart Than Talent event. Check the Events tab for a speaking engagement near your city.