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If you are overwhelmed, it’s likely that you feel engulfed by an undertow of endless to do’s, should do’s, and will do’s. You feel like the swirling waters are sucking you down and you are helpless to pull your way out.

After today, your emotions will no longer get the best of you. Procrastination will be a habit of the past. I’m going to share 3 tips to assist you to overcome overwhelm.

Let’s jump in!

TIP #1 Move From Denial To Awareness

Overwhelm is a major contributing factor of procrastination.

So how do you overcome overwhelm?

You move from denial to awareness. Denial is putting the blame on someone else. Begin to take responsibility for what you do and why you do it instead of validating and justifying your procrastination and the issues it causes.

To change… you begin by not putting things off as frequently.

The more you understand why you do what you do, the greater the opportunity for you to neutralize the feelings that lead to denial.

Denial leads to disappointment… disappointment leads to guilt and shame, and these are all components of procrastination.

Procrastination always begins in your thoughts and feelings, and it is manifested in your self-talk.

TIP #2 Become Action-Oriented

To release overwhelm and eliminate procrastination, you must live in the moment. You must be in the present. Develop an awareness of time… learn to borrow time, leverage time, create time, and use time. Become action-oriented.

The time of your life is “now o’clock.”

Create changes because you want to change, not because you are forced or are threatened.

Begin to feel that juice, that internal energy. Recognize that you’re starting to feel different. You’re starting to feel a new sense of purpose, a belonging. You’re beginning to feel connected. Most importantly, you’re beginning to operate from a spiritual level. You’re living in that space called “infinite intelligence.”

You’re starting to say, “I am.”

You’re starting to say affirmations like…

“Now that I’m grown up, I am comfortable receiving money.”

“Now that I’m an adult, I feel comfortable being the person that I’ve always deserved to be.”

You’ll discover that when you start to operate in this space… procrastination isn’t nearly as prevalent. Here’s what it comes down to…

Procrastinators find reasons not to do… producers find reasons to do. You have to find reasons bigger than your problems to get it done!


TIP #3 Live In The Solution

Procrastination is based on controlling an illusionary outcome.

The reason you procrastinate is mistakenly attempting to control an outcome that you can’t control.

While this is contradictory, you can control disappointment and you can control not failing. You can control the conversations that you never have. You can control being right.

However, control always leads to disappointment.

Tiptoeing quietly through life and arriving at your grave safely is not going to get you to the Promised Land. It leads to the pain of regret.

Many first time entrepreneurs face this dilemma as they attempt to change a vocation, which often represents changing their identity.

It is common for procrastination to begin very early in your entrepreneurial career because your left-brain kicks in and you tell yourself, “I’ve got to get ready to get ready. I’ve got to have all my ducks in a row.”

And this can go on for days, weeks, months, and even years!

You can’t create results without action. You can’t create results without production. You can’t create results without being in the game. If you sit on the bench, all you’ll collect is splinters and disappointment.

To overcome procrastination, you have to have a strong awareness and an even stronger reason to change.

You have the ability to transform and change, but you must develop reasons that are bigger than your problems. If you look at how overwhelmed you are, you’ll continue to experience overwhelm.

But instead, if you look around and see the clutter, the chaos, the drama, the debt, whatever the situation is… and you decide to find a solution, you will overcome it.

Winners always find a way. Average people always find an excuse.

Procrastination is the thief of our society. It’s the thief of our economy. It’s why people go bankrupt. Many individuals give their home back to the bank because, quite frankly, they take the easy way out. They find ways to live in the problem rather than live in the solution.

So today, take the first steps toward releasing overwhelm.

Begin…just begin!

Clean out one corner of your life at a time. You can’t do it all overnight.

You have to take one bite at a time, one breath at a time… otherwise, you’ll stay overwhelmed.


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