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How did a Mother of two boys with high school baseball careers, a full and part-time job and a husband, create a 6-figure income in a part-time business in under a year?

How did subtle changes in her prospecting skills increase her income 3X within the next 2 years to create 7-figures?

That’s the power of developing the skills, habits and mindset of master prospector!

Discover how to become a master prospector by walking through Dawn’s Story and learning the top 3 lessons that allowed her to gain personal and financial freedom. These 3 network marketing prospecting lessons are fundamental steps to creating success! 

 Dawn’s Story

As a busy mom working a full and part-time accounting job, with many other responsibilities, to say that Dawn Ferrentino had little time to start a new business is an understatement. 

Dawn’s introduction to a business opportunity would come from a high school friend in June of 2012, who offered her a way to increase the quality of her health.  In the beginning, she wanted nothing to do with taking on one more thing. She was only interested in being a product consumer.

… Soon that would change.

How Do You Build A Business With No Time?

After having amazing results on the products, she was hooked. By September, Dawn was ready to dive into this new profession of Network Marketing.  

Lack of time kept her juggling from one activity to the next but she was determined to produce results in borrowed time and spare time.

Dawn hired Jeffery Combs to assist her with the skills, habits and mindset and by the end of her first year, she had created $108,000 in her network marketing business.

In the next 2 years, Dawn was able to create 7-figures, quit her jobs, allow her husband to retire and find financial freedom! 

This was no easy feat, but Dawn learned three lessons that assisted her to quickly rise to the top.

Lesson #1 –Creating Connections

Even though Dawn had very little free time, she was always taking advantage of opportunities to connect with people, even if it meant making calls in the bathroom on breaks at work. 

She knew that if she was going to be successful, she would have to connect with as many people as possible whether it was at her sons’ baseball games, on Facebook or with strangers when she was out running errands.

Connecting is the first step to creating a meaningful conversation. It happens when you become genuinely interested in people. 

As you start the conversation, begin by finding common points of interest. Genuinely care about the people you engage with and let go of having an agenda.

How to connect:

  • Small talk to open a conversation
  • Report build based on common points of interest
  • Find places of relaxed relatability
  • Fact find in a relaxed emotional state

Be who you are and have a conversation.  It’s that simple. 

Lesson #2 –Learning How to Ask

“We have 2 ears and one mouth for a reason.” -Dawn Ferrentino

In order to ask effective questions, you must become a great listener. This means you keep your mouth quiet and your ears open. You are listening for people’s pain points.

When you are able to find the pain points or life challenges your prospect is having, you can then offer them a solution. 

You begin to paint the picture by the sequence of questions that you ask. The better you become at listening and asking, the more successful you will become in business and in life. 

Lesson #3 –Letting Go Of Attachment To The Outcome

Not everyone is willing to pay the price for success.

With Dawn, there was no tip-toeing. No testing the waters.  She dove into the deep end! 

Dawn was willing to pay the price through consistency, persistence, and commitment.  She realized that not everyone was going to follow her lead.

Here were her biggest lessons:

  • Meet people where they are at and stop trying to persuade people to see the bigger picture.
  • Not everyone will give 100%.
  • Bless and release!

Instead of trying to drag everyone to the finish line, spend your energy on the people that qualify for your time. 

Mindset Is Where It All Begins

 “I don’t have bad days, just bad moments. When something happens that is negative, when something catastrophic occurs or you receive bad news, it’s what you make of it. You can make that bad situation turn in to the worst day of your life or you can learn and grow from it and make it the best day of your life.”  

-Dawn Ferrentino

Living in the solution when challenges arise, keeps you in the game. When you are laser-focused on results, you don’t get rattled when you are thrown a curve ball.

Disorganization leads to overwhelm and when you are overwhelmed you will send a mixed signal to your prospects. Understand you get paid for a result, not time, so being organized and systemized will assist you to reach your goals.

If you are not getting the results you desire, take a look at what you are doing daily on a consistent or inconsistent basis.  Where do you require to make a shift?

Your mindset has to be that you are willing to do whatever it takes to learn and grow no matter what emotions or obstacles arise. Your commitment to your success must be renewed daily.

Treat it like a destiny and legacy and watch your business shift.  Time freedom is priceless because you can never get it back once it’s gone!

Becoming a master prospector can assist you to build a 7-figure income but you must learn the skills to create connections, ask questions and let go of the outcome. 


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