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When it comes to being successful…

TALENT is overrated!

Talent is important when it comes to performing, but it often times has little to do with how and who becomes successful.

Think about it… The world is filled with talented people.

Yet… why is it that so few people live and achieve their dreams?

What does it truly mean to have heart?

The heart is the magic… It’s that greatness that you tap into when challenges and obstacles appear. Heart is making a conscious choice to live and exceptional life rather than an average one. Average people, 97% of society, let events shape their life…

…yet it’s exceptional people who are able to change their perceptions of challenging events and overcome them.

You see, heart has little to do with size, weight, color, creed, education, intelligence, bloodlines, where you grew up… and most of all talent.

Virtually everyone has untapped talent.

The problem is most people don’t get out of their talent. They hide behind it… too afraid to take risks, be vulnerable and most of all… they don’t want to risk not being perfect. Fear and procrastination becomes the opponent.

Taking the risk to get out of your talent is where having heart really begins.

Learning to live in the moment and in the present is also where heart begins. It’s making your moves before you’re ready… challenging yourself and old beliefs that limit you. It’s standing tall in the face of adversity.

Having heart means you have courage.

It’s often uncomfortable stepping out of what you perceive to be comfortable. These tests are where you really get to measure how much heart you have.

You see… heart is the ability to push through what you resist.

Heart is more about feelings and emotions rather than thinking and contemplating. Heart is being outside of yourself, your head, your ego and loving the process. It’s the evolution of change.

Show me a man or woman with heart and I’ll show you how to overcome someone else’s talent. We all have talent. Unfortunately, most people hide behind their talent and stay in it. They stay in their ego afraid to reach their human potential to become the person they really deserve to be.

Changing isn’t really as difficult as we perceive it. You’re a masterpiece in progress. You have the ability to design your life, rather than make a living.


…people that stay in their talent are staying in their safety zone. They are not excelling. They are being stuck, procrastinating, using money as an excuse… and perfectionism as an excuse.

Your excuse is your excuse and you become the excuse! BUT you are constantly reminded about how talented you are.

Let’s take a look at what it’s like to get out of your talent.

Getting Out of Your Talent

Being out of your talent is the hands-free zone. It’s a state of flow. It’s a relaxed state of consciousness. The average person spends too much time TRYING rather than in a state called BEING.

If you are being, you’re in the moment. You are in the now.

And that’s where you can really tap into your heart consciousness and that’s also at the highest level that you really attract people, situations and opportunities that you are seeking.

Being out of your talent is when you unleash your full potential. You begin to vibrate telepathically from a position of peace. It means you love life you and who you are becoming. You see what you do as game rather than a job.

A Story of Heart

I met a woman named LeeAnn in 1997. We had gotten started in the same company. She was crossline from me. She was 30 years old, a single mother of three… all of children under seven years old. She sold her bedroom furniture to get started in this industry of direct sales and network marketing. She was married to a very wealthy man who kept her out of her house. She refused to take any child support because she did not want to be dependent upon her wealthy husband.

She was raising three children by herself and she found an opportunity similar to the one most of you are in. She was so committed to her success that she raised the $1300 by selling some of her bedroom furniture to get started. Since then, Leanne has made well over half a million dollars. She used to say, “I will not be denied!”

This is the sort of person who beat the odds. If you saw her in a room full of people, she would be one of the least likely people, and because she’s the least likely… she’s really the most likely.

Heart of a Champion

Heart is courage, guts and most of all, intestinal fortitude. Heart is the ability to consistently except risk for reward. Heart is breaking through barriers. Heart is achieving the maximum for the minimum talent.

What does that mean?

Giving your all… More than you ever thought.

Heart is making your move before you’re ready. Most people wait to make their move until everything is perfect. And believe me… nothing is perfect. That’s why so many people stay stuck.

Networking operates from compounding the residual effect from residual effort. Your results will compound because your internal results are compounding.

When you start to release worrying about the “what if’s”, the compounding begins.

Then you start to attract the right people. You start to vibrate at a much higher level of consciousness. The word consciousness refers to awareness. When your awareness changes… you start to notice your surroundings and the people in your environment differently. Because of that, you start to attract better people to your reality.

Do you realize that it only takes about four or five stars in a career and one organization to achieve millions?

That’s all it takes. You might be a star yourself. You haven’t scratched the surface. You haven’t even begun.

Quite honestly, most of you haven’t even started.

Consider this…

I wouldn’t be in this industry if it wasn’t for a woman who confronted me saying, “You’ll never make it in this game. You’re the most negative broke person I’ve ever met.” This came as a challenge to me. Before I knew it, I was chasing her with my credit card. I took her challenge and immediately purchased enough product to move me up a level in the company. Four days later, 40 boxes came to my door and I thought, “Oh my goodness. What have I done now?”

I wouldn’t have moved up to that next level if I hadn’t challenge myself. I had started to understand that heart beats talent.

Are you starting to get that? Are you starting to understand that you must operate from the heart, not just your talent?

Heart is an inside experience that resonates, “I will not be denied!” It separates the average from the exceptional and it feels and relishes the competitive process.

Heart is the reason to play the game!

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