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Average Thinking Produces Average Results

Most of us have been programmed by the system to believe that there are shortages, lack and that uncertainty is normal.

It’s not!

Most people with a limited mindset have no comprehension of just how much money is actually available to anyone with the will to “step up and collect.”

Because we are taught a fear of power… it is naturally assumed that somehow money is evil. That rich people are dishonest and crooked and that they feed on the little people.

While the economic forces of the planet are certainly stacked in favor of the big institutions and governments, there is nothing stopping you from getting your fair share.

First… you have to get past the thoughts that money is bad and it will somehow taint you. Money is neutral, not good or bad.

Abundance is natural and spiritual.

Money will not deprive you but could actually enlighten you.

If you are wealthy, more often than not you will be dispersing your money commercially and charitably… supporting many people around you and adding to the velocity of overall wealth. There are literally trillions of dollars passing through the world electronically on any given day and those signals are literally passing by you at all times.

There are no reasons why you can’t be very rich, very rich in fact, and still be a valuable, generous, spiritual person with a huge heart and compassion for everyone.



Knowing what to do is not enough.

A lot of people know what to do, but few follow through with a consistent plan of action that propels them to their dreams and goals. There is one trait that practically guarantees success in any field.

Could it be talent, leadership, knowledge?

Surely they can all contribute, but the single most important trait for guaranteed success is the ability to be consistent. From Henry Ford to Mother Teresa, the most successful people in any field are those who can stay motivated over a long period of time.

A consistent plan worked over a period of time produces consistent results.

Success is a marathon, not a sprint.

In today’s microwave society, the average person seeks instant gratification. If instant results are not attained, average individuals give up. They quit before their time. They throw in the towel, quitting “three feet from gold” as Napoleon Hill states in his classic book, Think and Grow Rich.

Most people never find their true calling, wandering through life, tiptoeing quietly so they can arrive at their grave safely, saying, “I wish I would have,” or “If only I could have.”

These average people start projects, but seldom finish them. They rely on external events for their motivation, producing only spotty accomplishments that can never create the learning and persistency essential to success.

As a personal coach and mentor to thousands of people, I have found that the one key trait that separates success from failure is consistency.

You either love what you do or you create a way to love what you do. Get out of your comfort zone. You will discover the discomfort is temporary, because it only lasts as long as is necessary for you to make the change you are looking for.

Looking back… you will see that the vast majority of the discomfort was caused by your resistance to the change.

In today’s turbulent economy, you have probably discovered that employees are paid what the job is worth to their employers. Thus with most jobs, you get only an illusion of security in exchange for a lid on your income.


Raise Your Deserve Quotient

Deserving surely appears to be the area of life where hidden and often unaddressed thinking patterns from people’s unconscious minds have the greatest effect.

I know many people who diligently perform the same tasks that make others successful: making calls, attending meetings, reading uplifting books, and listening to personal development audio programs. Yet their positive results are either minuscule or nonexistent compared to others who perform the same or fewer activities.

This inconsistency means it is essential to look beyond the obvious… beyond the events that take place… to account for the difference in results.

Here’s what I’ve discovered… FEAR is the operative agent in sabotage.

Whatever you fear… if you fear it long enough, it will happen.

If you fear abandonment, you will abandon first—and often you abandon yourself as well as someone else.

In other cases, fear of abandonment causes you to unconsciously behave in exactly the way that will drive others away. If you fear rejection, you reject yourself first. If you fear success, you make sure you don’t get it.

Your unconscious mind thinks failure is bad enough, but success might be worse.

Whatever you fear…

…if you do not confront and resolve it, the fear will win and you will lose.

The challenge for you is to face your fear. To be in charge of it, rather than letting fear be in charge of you.

Until you face fear, it will win every time.

Fear doesn’t stop just you—it stops almost everybody!

The essential challenge is changing fear into faith. Unless you change or face it, you can be assured fear will win every time.

Fear will guide your behavior and your decisions in ways both obvious and subtle.

This is your sabotage.

The first step in mastering fear and raising your level of consciousness is to be in charge of your fear rather than pretend to have no say about what you deserve. Sabotage plays a huge role in keeping you from believing that you truly do “deserve to have it all.”

Here are just a few of the most common sabotage patterns. Each is followed by a description of how they limit your belief systems and hold you in place.


Deep down I don’t believe I deserve it, so I won’t even go after it. I don’t like to get my hopes up, because then if I don’t achieve my objective, it won’t hurt so much.

Throwing It Away

I get it, and then because I don’t believe I’m good enough, I throw it away. This sabotage is very common in professional sports, especially with athletes from terrible home lives.


I think I want it, but I’m not sure I’m good enough, so I’ll settle for less. I won’t try very hard, because I probably won’t get it anyway.


I won’t pay any attention to this problem. Hopefully it will just go away.

The Fatal Flaw

People who use this strategy may advance themselves by taking all the right steps, but they have a crucial personality problem—perfectionism, excessive drinking, being a hothead or an overreactor, or overwhelming guilt that undoes all their best efforts.


This is probably the most common of all the sabotages. Everyone, everything, and every excuse are used to place blame except on the right person. This is a way to intellectualize all the reasons not to take responsibility for both actions and lack of actions.

Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me

This sabotage is very common with people who are ill or injured all the time. These people have a chronic problem usually related to getting attention.

Poverty Consciousness

This stems from programming of grandparents and parents. It is the by-product of lack and scarcity, always thinking that money is tight… there is never enough… you will probably lose it if you have it.

OR… rich people are bad. Rich people cheat. Rich people think they are better than we are.

Poverty consciousness involves the mentality of “holding on to whatever you have or you will lose it.”

What each of these sabotages has in common is an underlying sense of not deserving the desired goal. The key to changing your subconscious sabotages is to become explicitly aware of your own internal deserve quotient.

Once you understand that which has been outside your conscious awareness, then and only then do you have a chance to change it.

Your Deserve Quotient is comprised of your conscious and unconscious beliefs about what you can and should achieve in your life.

Your deserve quotient is a gauge or degree to which you believe you deserve what you seek in various areas of life. These deserve levels are self-chosen and can be changed.


Change is a Process

Yes… change is a process.

It takes time. It is an evolution.

It can be a short time or a long time.

Deserving more means that you will expand your beliefs, your feelings, and your spirituality. This is where you must learn the laws of the universe and take action both internally and externally. This is an inner journey, a unification that becomes an outer reality.

There are no accidents. Deserving more means a purposeful alignment of your beliefs, action, choices, focus, and energy.

The reality is all of us deserve to have it all. The only thing that stops us is inside of us.

These obstacles are your beliefs, your programming, your self-esteem, and our lack of self-confidence.

Change is what will bring you the results you deserve. This is a process of reinventing yourself.

Be committed to letting go, facing your fears and turning them into faith, and understanding that in order to have it all, you must give it all.

Give yourself permission to be successful. Give yourself this gift of approval.

This is an abundant universe.

You can have whatever you desire, and it all starts with you understanding that you deserve to receive!


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