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Last week, we had such a great response to our blog post, 5 SALES MEMES THAT HIT TOO CLOSE TO HOME: WHAT NOT TO DO, that I decided continue the fun.

Have you ever noticed how you or people on your team are stuck getting ready to get ready?

I see it all the time. People don’t get around to really doing the business.

So… I’m going to share 5 more sales memes to assist you to improve your production. And YES… they may hit a little too close to home.

Up first, is a little insight from the caped crusaders.


It’s time to take charge and responsibility for your own success.

One of the most important lessons to learn is that you must be motivated to go through the numbers to produce results.

The key to closing more transactions is scheduling appointments. You can make up in numbers for what you lack in skill early in your career.

You must call enough leads to create a prospecting flow.

Let me ask you this…

Do you try to reinvent the wheel when it comes to a system to prospect and deliver information or are you too much of a perfectionist to get started?

Trying to create the perfect system can lead to procrastination.

Do you tell yourself?

“I can’t start until it’s perfect.”

“When I have the perfect tools, then people will buy from me.”

“When I redo my website, that’s when people will buy.”

You have to understand where you are spending your time.

and yes… You are spending it!

The key to remember is that your time is valuable. If you also waste your time on people that are not qualified buyers, then you are giving away your greatest commodity for free.

Do you know what your time is worth?

As a millionaire, my time is worth about $3,000 a day. Think about how much money I would be losing if I gave an hour to a prospect that was not qualified!


So, begin to understand the power of time and how you are using it. Focus on results-oriented production.

That’s why this next meme is so important.


If you can learn how to enroll one person in your business a week or one person to purchase your product per week… then you will begin to create momentum.

Just one person a week will allow you to transition from part-time to full-time.

That’s 52 people per year!

If you are full-time and you can find 2 people per week… you will eventually create a 6-figure income. Your time should be spent on revenue producing activities. The more efficient you become, the more money you will achieve for your time.

That’s the equation.

80% of your time should be spent prospecting and recruiting…. NOT reading books, listening to podcasts, shuffling papers, walking the dog, scrolling Facebook, eating bon-bons and procrastinating.

Develop a plan of action and stick to it. Develop a daily method of operation and put it on paper. Most of your day should be devoted to prospecting.

If you are part-time, then you should devote 5-20 hours into your business. If you are full-time, you should be dedicating 30 hours or WEIT… What Ever It Takes!

Simple disciplines factored consistently over a long enough period of time, will produce results. It takes consistent effort. But it doesn’t happen overnight. So today… begin to develop the productive habits and patterns that will lead you to your success.

And how can you be successful if you don’t master this next meme…


You are in business to get paid, right?

So be sure to ask for the sale!

You set the sale by the sequence of questions you ask your prospect. The questions you ask should uncover a problem or challenge your prospect has. Once you know the problem, you can offer your solutions.

Then… ask for the commitment and BE QUIET!


Address objections and ask any further questions required.

Often times when a prospect objects, they may be telling you that they are emotionally involved and interested. It is your responsibility to find out if there is an opportunity for a commitment.

Don’t expect your prospect to say:

“O.K., sign me up!”

“Yeah, here’s my credit card.”

“This sounds good. Send me the invoice.”

The fear of making a mistake can cause your prospect to be doubtful and hesitant. Objections are predictable. An objection is no more than an unanswered question.

Learn to address the objections by learning to respond:

  • Intuitively
  • Creatively
  • With what you feel

If your prospect has no objections, they are usually not interested. So get good at asking questions to uncover if you have a prospect or a suspect.

If your prospect can’t commit, you must understand that if you continue to stay on the phone, stay in the conversation, or stay at the meeting, you will be wasting your most valuable commodity.


Now… let’s talk about how excuses waste your time.


As someone who has been in the network marketing and direct sales industry for over 30 years… I’ve had the privilege of learning and experiencing what it takes to succeed in this industry. I’ve heard many excuses about why people fail at this venture.

But the truth is, people are inconsistent or are not putting in the production required to create momentum in their business.

You must have dedicated blocks of time where you commit to:

  • lead generation
  • prospecting
  • follow-up appointments
  • closing sales
  • team building

Without this commitment, your business will go nowhere fast. These aspects of the business must be done on a consistent basis to create a flow and gain momentum.

Excuses won’t get you paid. They result in disappointment. And speaking of disappointment, that leads us to the last meme.


Let’s get realistic about your goals.

If you create overwhelming, overstated goals… they will cause you to procrastinate before you even start.

I asked one of my clients recently, “How much income do you desire to achieve from the comfort of your home during this calendar year?”

He replied, “Well, let’s shoot for 200,000.”

I said, “Let’s not.”

I continued, “Let’s get realistic. Do you have a $200,000-a-year habit?”

“Do I have a $200,000-a-year habit?”

“You are repeating my question.”

“What was your question?”

This is a perfect example of someone who is “lost in his sauce.” He’s someone I really care about, but he created a goal that was so big that he couldn’t possibly begin to achieve it. He had no idea what I meant when I said, “Do you have a $200,000-a-year habit?”

Your level of commitment and production must match your goals. Be realistic.

What you require are clearly defined short-term goals.

Then you must move into production. You have to get in the G-A-M-E baby!

Most of you just haven’t played it yet. You haven’t committed and you haven’t decided. The good news is that each and every day you are granted a new gift called “time” and that equals 86,400 seconds or 1,440 minutes.

Commit today to put in your A.I.C. time.

Yes… put your rear in the chair and produce!

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