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So you want to become a master recruiter…


Then it’s time to develop the skills, habits, and mindset of a master recruiter.

Why is recruiting so important?

Recruiting is what gives you leverage. Without recruits, you are relegated to enrolling customers all by yourself.

But when you are a recruiter… you have a team of people enrolling and recruiting. And that’s how the compound effect takes place.

This is where you get into momentum.

And it starts with commitment. When you commit… that means you are consistent.

Consistent in your production…

Consistent with your emotional state…

Consistent in your belief of your product and opportunity…

Consistent in your ability to connect and ask the questions…

AND consistent in selling the dream!

This is how you create the habits of a master recruiter.

Here’s the question I know you want to ask…


Yes… I am going to teach the how do I?… and then it is your responsibility to take action. If you are not taking action, you require asking yourself…

Why don’t I?

If you are procrastinating, getting ready to get read, have anxiety about prospecting, connecting and recruiting… avoiding what will ultimately pay you… then you will never become a master recruiter. 


Your Emotional State

A master recruiter doesn’t let past events control their present emotional state or get in the way of taking action.

Let me give you an example.

If you have anxiety about connecting with your waiter, your hairdresser, the man standing behind you at the checkout counter or the woman running on the treadmill next to you at the gym… you have to gain a better understanding of why you have anxiety.

Are you afraid you will feel embarrassment because when you said the wrong thing to that girl freshman year, she laughed at you in front of everyone? So now you are afraid you will be embarrassed again, so you don’t take the opportunity to connect with the people around you… because you might say the wrong thing!

You are going to have to develop a better understanding of cause and effect… why you do what you do. The more you become aware, the better you will become at releasing feelings and emotions that hold you back from achieving the success you are seeking.

If you grew up with a passive aggressive personality in your circle of influence…

…It’s very likely that you felt you had to walk on eggshells. You were afraid to get in trouble.

A passive aggressive personality is unpredictable. One minute they are doing something nice for you…

…and the next they are losing it and you are getting chewed out.

Now… it’s important that you understand how this will affect you in the recruiting process.

Your body has been conditioned to go into fight or flight and have anxiety about getting in trouble.

If this is the case, your body is living in the past… so when you encounter a situation where you are required to start the recruiting process… you will find the noise in your head getting louder… You’ll start telling yourself a story about an outcome that hasn’t happened.

BECAUSE your body is still afraid it will get in trouble…


That’s how it was conditioned to behave.

So you’ll either avoid connecting with your prospect or you will send a mixed message that says…

Join me… but please don’t because I’m not sure I can lead you.

If you want to master anything, you must first master your emotions.


The Science of Attraction

Let’s break down the science of attraction.

If you are living in a lower vibrational level of consciousness such as guilt, shame, abandonment, rejection, anger or overwhelmed feelings… the energy you emit will attract people and situations to fulfill those feelings.

So… in the recruiting process, you will attract people who are in doubt, skeptical, not committed and have low self-esteem.

BUT… when you raise your level of consciousness and you are radiating love, joy, positivity, commitment, belief in yourself and unshakable belief in your business…

…the people begin to show up!

Your inbox starts blowing up. People say… I don’t know what you are doing, but I want to be a part of it.

People can feel you.

And when you come from that space, you have the attractor factor required to be a master recruiter.

You see, you can learn the skills of prospecting and recruiting… and that’s what I’m going to cover next… but if you don’t do the personal growth work along the way, you’ll never master the emotional stability required to attract the prosperity partners you are seeking.


The Skills

The skills of a master recruiter come down to this…

…rapport building, fact-finding, uncovering the problem, offering a solution and then closing the sale.

NOW, here’s the HOW DO I…And the answer is very simple.

You ask questions.

You ask a series of questions in a sequence to make a connection.

You ask questions to find out if there is a problem your product, service or opportunity might solve.

You ask commitment questions to find out if they are a prospect or a suspect… if they are serious or curious… if they are interested or committed.

Most importantly, you sell the dream by painting a picture with the questions you ask.

Recruiting is not GETTING. It’s not about begging or convincing.

It’s being genuinely interested in people and learning to have a relaxed conversation.

And when you come from that place… and take daily action….

… you will become a master recruiter!

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