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Raise your hand if you’ve ever said the following…

I have a GREAT opportunity!  I just require TELLING people about how excited I am and how awesome it is and they will surely join me. You think you have it all figured out. They NEED this business!

I hate to tell you this BUT…

One of the biggest misconceptions about prospecting is that you should be contacting people to tell them all about your products, services and opportunity. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. You are not calling to explain anything!

Instead of talking and explaining, you MUST learn to ASK.

Behind The Call… Going For The Ask

All too often, when you are prospecting, you will “throw-up” all over your prospects with too much telling about the benefits and features before you even know how serious the person is about starting with your product, service or your business opportunity.

You have to envision yourself a recruiter and an interviewer. Calling a prospect is a very simple process. Listen to this live clip from a prospecting call to hear how to begin the conversation.

Wasn’t that easy?

So what’s next? Qualification time!

It’s time to find out if the prospect qualifies for your time, opportunity, products or services.

If you were selling real estate, you wouldn’t ask your buyer to come to your office and then ask them to get in your car to drive them to a place where you are going to show them a home if they couldn’t qualify for a loan?

That wouldn’t make any sense, would it?

Behind The Call… Rapid Qualification

You have to apply the same principle when it comes to selling a business opportunity, a product, a service, a benefit or a feature. You are looking for a qualified buyer.

Consider that time is your greatest commodity so you don’t want to spend it with the wrong people. The sequence of questions that you ask will quickly uncover if you have a Prospect or a Suspect 

Behind The Call… The Relaxed Interview 

There are certain skills you are looking for as you are interviewing your prospect. You are looking for people that are self-starters, self-motivated, entrepreneurial, coachable and understand the value of investing in an opportunity to change the quality of their life.

Listen in on this call to see how to conduct a relaxed interview.

Behind The Call… Adapt & Adjust

As you conduct an interview, you must also learn to adapt and adjust when someone asks you a question that may not come up as frequently. You must develop quick reflexes when it comes to the communication with your prospect.

Meaning… if someone says something that is not scripted and you are going strictly by the script, you will unequivocally have challenges.

Your objective is not to engage in a communication style where you have to do all of the explaining, validating and justifying. There are clues to listen for that will assist you with closing, but first, listen in on this call where I’ll show you how to adapt and adjust.


Behind The Call… Becoming A Master

Closing is a skill mastered by asking questions. To set the sale for closing, you must ask questions to find out if the person has a problem you can resolve. Then you can present the solution and you can close on the solution. One of the most important questions you ask early and often in any communication.

Are you serious about:

  • starting a business
  • buying a home
  • improving the quality of your health
  • improving your energy

The more skilled you become at trial closing early and often, you can establish whether or not you have a qualified buyer.

Listen to this clip to see how to determine if this prospect is a qualified buyer.

As you begin to set a standard routine, you will learn to state the purpose, your name and where you are calling from. It’s important to ask the first questions early in a conversation so you indoctrinate the person into a communication style where you can fact find, rapport build, create small talk and establish if you can create win-win communication.

To become a master at prospecting, you must empower yourself through repetition and experience. It’s critical to establish criteria about who you seek to attract as a partner, customer or buyer. Remember to set the sale early in the conversation so that you increase your outcome of a favorable result. As your reflexes improve, you will begin to close more transactions and begin to gain the momentum you require to be successful!

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