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Do you know where your beliefs come from?

Your beliefs are a direct reflection of events and situations that have happened in your life. And it’s not only the events that shape your beliefs…

…but your perception of the beliefs.

Now, if you have limiting beliefs, obviously it will limit your ability to succeed. And if you have unconscious beliefs that keep you doing the same thing over and over… there’s a high probability that you will procrastinate.

It’s your thoughts that rule your actions. And your actions either create a feeling of positivity or a feeling of negativity. If you are not taking action to avoid perceived pain, then there’s a high probability that you will feel disappointed.

It’s time to uncover the cause of your limiting beliefs!

Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs can stem from feelings of guilt and shame or other low levels of consciousness based on past events. This leads to not feeling good enough. Not feeling capable enough or smart enough. You feel you’ll be judged and criticized.

Events and your perception of the events… shape your beliefs creating your sense of certainty or uncertainty.

I’ve asked this question many times…

“If you are absolutely, unequivocally certain that you would succeed, what would you do?”

And in reply I hear, “I’d give it my best effort. I would do whatever I had to do.”

Your best effort, one day at a time… over a period of time is what will create action required to succeed!

But worrying about the outcome, judging yourself, and turning on the critical advisor will keep you in a state of inaction. By not taking action, you stay in a place that keeps you safe from failing but keeps you disappointed because you are not succeeding. The thought process is contradictory.

But that’s what many people do because of their limiting beliefs.


Limiting Beliefs About Money

Many people’s beliefs about money keep them from ever being able to attract or create wealth. That’s why many people have more liabilities than they have assets. Their dialogue with money is not conducive to attracting money itself or attracting the people that they can create it with.

Your dialogue with money is a direct reflection of your beliefs. And if you believe that money is difficult, money is scarce, money is hard to find, money doesn’t grow on trees… If you believe that you grew up on the wrong side of the tracks and you use a series of disempowering statements that separate you from the opportunity to create wealth, attract money, and attract the people to collaborate with… then you will contradict living in prosperity.

You will continue to live in indecision and a poverty consciousness that is a direct reflection of the way you’ve been conditioned to behave in relation to money.

By the time you’re 18 years old, most of your beliefs about money have been established by the 20,000 meals you’ve spend with people in your circle of influence.

Are you ready to change?


Changing Your Beliefs

If you desire to change… if you seek a different outcome, then you’re going to have to change your philosophy. And if you keep doing what you’re doing and it keeps getting you what you’re getting…

… then obviously it’s time to take a good look and have a better understanding of the cause that creates the effect.

When you have a better understanding of cause and effect… and you recognize that you haven’t developed the mindset yet… you have the awareness to create change.

You can begin to develop the mindset, the skills, and habits to move into the law of alignment.

The most important belief to develop is that you are enough… You are lovable.

That’s the fundamental foundation. You have to be able to say.

“I am enough.”

“I’m lovable.”

“I’m capable.”

“I can be it… I can do it.”

That type of belief doesn’t limit you. It attracts a whole different type of person and situation to your reality. That vibration is much higher than anxiety or doubt. When you begin to live in love, joy, bliss, and enlightenment… You’re going to attract a whole different situation to your reality.


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