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It’s been a long road…

But, what I learned in the process is gold. It will make or break your ability to succeed in any business.

And I am going to share it with you today.

Ever since I was a young boy, I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I had my sights set on moving to California and I wanted to live the good life. As I grew up, I quickly realized having a job would never get me there.

In the late 80’s, I entered the network marketing industry full of enthusiasm, but it didn’t take long before I was feeling overwhelmed in this new venture. I started off excited, but the excitement wasn’t going to get me paid. I had to let go of being excited and begin to relax into learning the skills required to run a successful network marketing business.

I had to learn the inner game of it…

arm-raisedOne of the main skills I had challenges with was leadership and attraction. I was able to close sales and enroll people, but no one would succeed. If I didn’t host the meetings, close the sales for my teammates and give them a lead generation system… it would all collapse.

In the beginning, I wasn’t able to overcome the challenges. I went through several businesses that failed. At one point, I ended up $100,000 in credit card debt due to poor decisions and some companies that went out of business. I eventually had to go back to get a straight commission sales job and wait tables in the restaurant industry. It didn’t take long for the wake-up call to hit.

The Wake-up Call 


 Time was passing me by and I wasn’t anywhere close to my goals and dreams. I hit the point where I realized I never wanted to have a job again!

I reentered the network marketing industry and stayed in it long enough to master the skills. Desire is what kept me in… My desire to not have a job and my desire to get out of debt so I could live the good life.

At one point, I even refused to cut my hair until I hit a 6-figure year.

You see… I had a vision bigger than my problems.

If you are going to build a network marketing business, you have to commit to learning the skills. You cannot wing it to success.

Believe me… I tried that.

Skills, Habits, and Mindset

You have to develop the skills, habits, and mindset of the person you are seeking to become. If you want to be a millionaire… You have to develop the skills, habits, and mindset of the person you are seeking to become.

For me, my biggest assets were my exceptional habits. I was able to delegate and breakdown time blocks for lead generation, prospecting, scheduling appointments, doing presentations and team building. It’s what led me to have 6 and 7-figure years in entrepreneurship.

The key was… my habits and dedication to learning the skills. That’s what ultimately led me to the success I was seeking. If you are going to make it in any entrepreneurial venture, you must be committed to daily production and improving your skill sets.

In my network marketing career, I eventually became very effective at mentoring people. I started to develop mastermind alliances and I learned where to devote my time and energy. I became adept at being able to hand pick people who I felt had the ability to break through. I also spent a lot of time building teams and building cultures. 

Staying In The Game

Here is something you have to understand about running a business… You cannot have bad days. Ev34ery day is relative. You have to be able to neutralize your feelings instead of procrastinating because they are uncomfortable. You can’t let how you feel get in the way of your production.

You have to have an emotional presence that keeps you in the game….

…one day at a time, over a long lifetime.

You must focus on solutions, not problems. You have to be a result seeker instead of an avoider.

When you look at your prospecting list… you have to let go of telling yourself stories about situations that haven’t happened.


They might say no.

What if I say the wrong thing?

I might get rejected.

I haven’t made much money yet so how can I assist someone else?


Learn to neutralize your negative self-talk and your anxieties quickly. This means you find emotional stability to stay in the game.

It all comes down to this…

You have to show up daily in an energy that is conducive to being successful!

That’s the lesson.

You have to have to find emotional stability so that you can produce results daily. 


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