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Do you know someone like this?

This is the life of the party. The socializer.

This is the personality type I call the MONKEY. So, why am I talking about monkeys today? Because if you want to connect with more people and grow your network, meeting and spending time with a person that has a monkey personality type is the quickest way to make more connections.

Now, I am not telling you to befriend people to create false friendships. What I am telling you is that people who have a monkey personality type tend to have bigger networks because of their fun-loving, outgoing, and enthusiastic character traits.

That’s why it is so important that you learn to identify this person because they are typically the greatest connector of all the personality types. They usually have a large circle of influence because people enjoy being around their energy.

So today, let’s get to know the monkey personality a little better so you can grow your network.


The Monkey Personality

I am going to go through some personality traits of the monkey. I want you to keep in mind that this is not all black and white.  And… many times people are a combination of personality types.

Some of us are more balanced than others. But, there some generalities that tend to stand out… So that’s what I am going to share with you today about the monkey.

Monkeys are always looking for something to do. This means they are frequently meeting new people. They don’t like boring seminars and lectures, but they love new thinking and ideas.  Monkeys don’t mesh well with rigid and close-minded people.

When it comes to a monkey… bring on the charisma! They can be quite the charmer. They relate to people of all ages. When it comes down to it, being around a monkey will likely brighten your day.

Oh… And they enjoy talking, talking, talking…

So when you meet a monkey, learn to match energy for energy. They have no patience for boring people.

Now, as a business partner, a monkey has some limitations, but having them in your circle of influence has its advantages as we’ve seen. Here are some traits to be aware of with our monkey friends…

One of the biggest limitations of the monkey is their lack of commitment. They don’t want to be tied down. Remember, they love to have fun and that means swinging from tree to tree.  They can live a disorganized life and time frame isn’t always of the greatest importance. They can seem scattered and sometimes unreliable.  They’re not big on long-term planning either.  Monkeys love change… but not always in an organized way.

But please… don’t let any of this stop you from connecting and befriending a monkey! Remember, monkeys have a good heart and are very forgiving. In their eyes, life is too short.

Life is about fun!

A monkey likes to feel valued. They want to be involved in the action. They don’t like a boring daily routine.  They absolutely love praise. They want and NEED to look good socially.  They are also approval seekers.

Yes, they want to be noticed.

So… your job is to start to notice them.

Get to know them.

Add some fun and spontaneity to your life.

If you want to build your network, you have to meet more people. Hanging around with the monkeys is just one way to get started!


Grow Your Network By Becoming a Connector

What does connecting really mean? Connecting means you are open. You are ready to receive. You deserve to have new contacts. You deserve to have new friends. You deserve to have new teammates. You deserve to attract people of influence and affluence.

It’s time to turn on your O. S. P.  (Opportunity Seeking Perception)

When you are introduced to new people, this is the time to practice your connecting skills.

Here’s what I suggest…

1. Show genuine interest in people.

2. Smile.

3. Use their name.

4. Pay attention to detail when you meet someone new. That means LISTEN.

5. Ask questions and learn about what really matters to the person.

6. Let them do 80% of the talking.

7. Most importantly, be yourself.

You can’t sit on the sidelines and connect. You have to get in the game or people are going to walk right past you.  Entrepreneurship, direct sales, and network marketing are typically a connecting business so it’s time to make the commitment to become a professional connector. That means you have to constantly be meeting new people.

And don’t over complicate the process. Be yourself. Build rapport. Ask good questions and be a good listener. It’s that simple.

And it won’t hurt to hang around with monkeys!


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