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Are you feeling stagnant in your life and in your business? Are you falling short of your goals that you want to achieve? Do you feel like you can’t break bad habits or addictions? Do you keep trying to do it on your own and nothing is changing?  It’s time to let go of your past traumas so you can make room for success. Coaching one-on-one with Jeff will help you change the trajectory of your  success — the success you deserve.

Identify tendencies

Discover the real issues that are holding you back from what you want.


Learn how to overcome emotional addictions that keeping you stagnant.

Improve Your Life

Learn how to let go and receive the success you know, want and deserve.

Achieve the success you deserve

Benefits of success & Addiction Coaching

Jeffery has knowledge and expertise that go above and beyond these categories, but if you are struggling with any of these, he can significantly assist you. By the way, not all addictions are drugs. Jeffery can assist you to overcome codependence, food addictions, TV addictions, and much more.


Overcoming addictions

Addictions show up in many different ways and are typically rooted in childhood trauma. Connect with Jeffery to uncover the cause that affects your success.

Successfully close sales

Jeffery is a certified CLOSER and he will teach you everything he knows about closing sales and creating a successful business.

Create a healthy internal money dialog

Learn how to have a respect for money that allows you to become unattached so that you can have money work for you.

Create a successful business

Jeffery will assist you with creating a new mindset so you can be begin producing effortlessly and receive the success you deserve.

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Bonuses you receive with one-on-one coaching

Digital Coaching
Blueprint Course

This training will coach you through Jeff’s unique method of breaking through your barriers. Now you can have direct access to Jeff’s coaching at any time of the day and on any device.

8 Modules

24 videos

8 workbooks

Value of $1997

Complete Audio
Training Library

Gain access to Jeff’s complete audio library series to learn the skills, habits and mindset to be a top producer in your vocation. Learning proven and actionable asking, closing, and leadership skills.

23 Trainings

140+ Hours of Content

On mindset, prospecting, closing, procrastination, money habits, prosperity consciousness and more.

6 E-books

Millionaire Tip Lab

20+ videos teaching the insider skills, habits, and mindset of building and running a 7-figure enterprise.

Value of $5000+

meet your coach

Jeffery Combs

Author, Speaker, Success & Addiction Coach

Jeffery Combs is an internationally recognized trainer, speaker, coach and author. He specializes in personal breakthrough coaching, effective prospecting, leadership, addiction coaching, prosperity consciousness, and mindset training.

Private one-on-one coaching with Jeffery results in reaching new and unprecedented levels of productivity and prosperity.

Since 1998, Jeffery has personally assisted 13,000+ clients with over 70,000 hours of one-on-one coaching. Jeffery is frequently interviewed on many television programs featured on CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox discussing how he assists his clients with achieving their own breakthrough to success.

As a result, he is highly sought after by business leaders and individuals seeking to discover “why” they do what they do so they can create a new and clear pathway to achieve the success they deserve.

The fastest way to breaking through and achieving the result you are seeking is to understand the cause that creates the effect. Jeffery will personally coach you 1 on 1 over the telephone in 45-60 minute segments every two weeks.

Your desire to change must be greater than your tendencies to be overwhelmed, addicted and disappointed.

he's an expert because he's been in your shoes

Why you should work with Jeffery Combs

he genuinely cares

Jeffery sincerely cares about his clients. For Jeff, his life consists of assisting people to be the best versions of themselves. He doesn’t want to change you, but rather redesign your thinking and self talk. In the process, Jeff will transform your mind and habits into the lifestyle required to scale your business and life to the next level. Jeff isn’t the guy who will tell you what you want to hear. He’s going to break you down, make you cry, uncover hidden traumas, and tell you what you need to hear because he cares. He wants to see you be successful!

he's an expert at assisting you In learning to Let go

Jeffery is an expert on separating your current feelings from the past events that shape them in a process he coined called “Letting Go.” The concept of letting go is that everything you do in life has a payoff. Whether good or bad, you do certain things and attract situations to fulfill a set of feelings that you were programmed with as a child. Maybe you grew up in a household where you had to ask for permission for everything. Now, as an adult, you find yourself having to ask for permission or you attract people that boss you around. You don’t do any of this consciously. This is all about your subconscious. Letting go is simply understanding the set of feelings, being able to realize it in the moment, taking a deep breathe, and letting go of that ‘addicted’ feeling or feelings. Jeffery is an expert at this. Most people do not understand why they do what they do. He will unequivocally assist you to uncover the feelings that explain your actions.

he's been in your shoes

Are you feeling lost? Are you scared about the future? Are you scared to talk to people? Are you addicted to drugs? Whatever it is, Jeffery has been there. He was an alcoholic and heroin addict at the peak of his addiction. He would wake up and drink a gallon of vodka every single day to fulfill his void. He even became a huge drug dealer in Kansas City and Los Angeles. If you can think of it, Jeffery has probably done it. At age 30, Jeffery was $100,000 in credit card debt and in jail for selling cocaine. Well, he sold a quarter pound of cocaine to a federal agent. But, it was the best sale he ever made. Shortly thereafter, he got clean and sober and has been for 32 years now. The point is, no one is perfect. Jeffery had to hit rock bottom before he turned his life around, but that doesn’t have to be you!

He’s The Best In The World

The proof is in the pudding. Jeffery has coached over 70,000 hours of one-on-one coaching for 13,000+ clients with over 100 of those becoming millionaires. In his lifetime, he has given over 500 keynote speeches. The stats speak for themselves. With over 25 years of network marketing experience, his sales techniques are tried and tested.

Time is the only asset we don't get back

Read What Clients Say About How Coaching With Jeffery Has Changed Theirs Lives and Prosperity

" I knew within moments Jeffery was who I required to take my life to the next level."
Jennifer Trinker
"You have a date with destiny and my friend Jeff is going to help you get there."
Mark Victor Hansen
If you passionately pursue a mentor and a program like Jeffery offers, your life can grow to a higher level.
Pat Mesiti
Jeff broke everything down and assisted me to move forward
Pete Tummillo
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