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Master The Art Of Asking 

If you want to close more sales and grow your business, knowing how to ask questions is the most important skill to learn. Your purpose is not to tell people what they NEED to do. It’s not talking at people. It is simply 5-15 words that end in a question mark.

This is pretty elementary but all too often I see business owners and network marketers TELLING and SELLING instead of asking and listening.

The questions you ask should uncover a problem, dissatisfaction or challenge your prospect has. Selling requires that you have an understanding of how to service the customer. The better questions you ask, the better you will become at directing your prospect to a solution you have to offer.

Here is a key part of the equation that many people miss out on….

In order to ask better questions, you must also become a better listener.

When you become skilled at listening, you can adapt and adjust your questions based on your prospect’s answers. You are listening for signs and telegraphs so that you can intuitively hear what’s meant and not said.

Listen for the tonality and energy resonating from your prospect. This is a way to read their ability to make a decision and their seriousness about purchasing from you.


Once you’ve developed your skills as a master asker, you can up your game by identifying the personality temperament of your prospect. When you know the personality you are connecting with, you have the blueprint to close the sale.


Identify The 4 Main Personality Types 

When you connect with a prospect, you will encounter many different personality traits. Some people are outgoing, while others are reserved. Some depend on how a situation feels, while others count on logic. You will find that one person is confrontational, while another goes out of their way to please.

If you try to market the same way to everyone… don’t expect to get great results.

The key is to quickly discover whom you are speaking with. This is where the sequence of questions and your skills as an asker is a major asset.

People breakdown into 4 main personality types. The sooner you can identify your prospect’s personality type, the better advantage you have to connect with them… And to close them.


Here is the simplified description of the 4 personalities: 

 Amiable Relator: Emotional thinker that wants to feel secure

A-Type Personality: Egocentric and wants you to get to the point

Life of the Party: Outgoing connector who wants to know what’s in it for them and FUN is a hot button

Logical Left-Brained: Likes precision with information and data while using a systematic process


If you pay attention, you will begin to see there are characteristics and temperaments that are predictable in the way that they act, react, decide and are motivated to take action.


After you have identified your prospect’s personality type, focus on their hot buttons and be aware of their style of decision-making. You don’t want to use the take-away with a personality that is an information seeker and buys logically. You are likely to talk that person out of the sale.

When it comes to closing the sale, you are going to face objections and indecision, but you will have the upper hand when you know the prospect’s personality type.


Neutralize & Prevent Objections

Addressing objections is nothing more than getting to the point and the real reason why someone can’t create a decision.

Most people have challenges making a commitment. They fear the risk of making a bad decision so they will create an objection. Your job is to find out what the hesitation is about. Don’t put too much energy into objection and begin TELLING and SELLING. If you want to close more sales, you have to prepare reflex answers for all expected objections. Have 4 or 5 ways to respond to the most common objections.

You also must learn to address the objections by responding intuitively, creatively and with what you feel.

The most common objections that you will encounter will be:

  • I don’t have the money.
  • I have to think about it.
  • I have to run it by someone else.


Closing means you ask a question based on the objection. Reframe the objection into a question. It’s that simple. Take a look at these examples.


Objection: I don’t have the money.

Response 1: If you did have the money, would you buy?

Response 2: Do you have a credit card?

Response 3: Where could you find the money in the next 24-48 hours?


Objection: I need to think about it.

Response 1: What is it that you require thinking about?

Response 2: What is holding you back have from making a decision?

Response 3: How long will you require to think about it before you can make a decision?


Objection: I have to run it buy my spouse.

Response 1: What criteria have you and your spouse set for making this type of decision or purchase?

Response 2: Can you close your spouse?

Response 3: Does your spouse endorse you starting a business, losing weight, getting a new car…


When you ask these questions, you will find out how serious the person really is. Don’t waste time with people who can’t decide. Leave the conversation by letting them know that they can get back with you when the timing is right and they are ready to buy or get started in your opportunity.

So there you have it… the 3-Step formula to closing more sales. So get out there and start closing now!

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