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Breaking any addiction comes down to a definitive moment in time when you and only you can answer this question…

“Is the pain great enough?”

When the answer is unequivocally YES, you will let go and begin to live one day at a time.

An emotionally addicted person will always require a little bit more of the chemicals released in the brain to get the emotional high. If you find it challenging to control your emotional state… you may be addicted to it.

Yes, it’s true.

You can become addicted to being angry, guilty, shameful, worried and overwhelmed. It may sound strange and you may be asking yourself… “Why would anyone do that?”

But it is true for many people.

All too often, I see people holding on to events from their past. They memorize the emotions in their body created by these events.

You have approximately 100 million brain cells. Everything that makes you YOU… your thoughts, dreams, hopes, fears, memories, pain, anger, joy… resides within the miracle that is your brain. Every day, as you learn and experience new things, your brain is at work making connections and essentially creating a “new you.”

You can’t create a new present or a new future by holding onto the emotions of the past!

Events from your past have created feelings and moods that have become your identity. And unless you know how to release unresolved negative emotions, you’ll remain stuck in your emotional addiction.

The Process Of Change

You must first remove yourself from the old events and begin to observe what’s happening in your present. You have to make a powerful decision to respond differently.

You can choose today who you want to be, how you want to live, and how you want to respond. Choosing positive change creates an energy that is greater than whatever negative addiction has you in its grip.

Ultimately, the external world will no longer have the power to affect your personal reality. You can create new connections. You can create new experiences, which shape new behaviors. You will experience new subconscious reactions, and you’ll now be able to create a new reality…

…one that is free of addiction.

As you release your old, inhibiting beliefs and identity, new possibilities present themselves. You don’t have to be chained to your past!


Releasing an Emotional Addiction

Releasing an addiction requires rewiring your neural network. Nerve cells that don’t fire together, don’t wire together. The cells lose their relationship, so every time you are able to interrupt a thought process or an emotional state like anger… the nerve cells that are connected begin to break the long-term relationship.

One of the easiest ways to break this pattern when you have a familiar negative emotion rising… is to take a deep breath and say the word release out loud.

From that space, you can begin to reprogram and recondition your brain.

You must become conscious and think about how you are acting and reacting to situations in your life. It’s important to observe your habitual behavior and begin to address this one day at a time.

Your negative emotions are anchored to past events. In order to release and break your current state of being, you must commit to releasing the emotions from your present and your future that no longer serve you.


Moving Into Recovery

How do you break an addiction that does not serve you?

There are several components to this equation. You break an addiction by being aware of what you are about to do that does not serve you. You take a deep breath and release the feelings connected to the event. You surround yourself with people who are in recovery and you learn to address your feelings one day at a time.

You do not have to hit rock bottom to let go of your addictions and experience your biggest breakthroughs.

The best time to change or address any addiction is NOW. Only you can decide when the pain is great enough. When you reach the point that you no longer require the pain to be your identity, you will let go and begin your process of recovery.


Your Law Of Attraction

Quantum physics has taught us a lot about the universe. The unseen world is more real… more powerful than the world we see around us.

The unseen world manifests itself in the situations and events of our lives.

Clients tell me…

“I don’t know why I can’t attract good relationships.”

“I don’t understand why I can never get ahead.”

I assist them to see how this type of self-talk is a direct reflection of their law of attraction. You attract who you are or someone who is in a lower vibrational state than you.

I tell my clients they must raise their attractor factor. The law of attraction has a core principle that says you are the cause in your life. Period. This is challenging for many of us because we are not used to feeling in control of our lives.

It’s much easier to relinquish responsibility and view someone else or some other outside situation as the cause of our misery. But when you understand that you alone are the cause behind the effect, you no longer have the luxury of blaming someone else for what happens to you.


Quantum Healing

Quantum healing is a type of energy healing that utilizes natural methods to work with the powerful energy that exists within the body.

Blockages form in your quantum energy body and accumulate after years of trauma, negative belief systems, anger, and addictions. Once those blockages are released, a new, positive energy is able to flow through you.

You are able to release your addictions and experience alignment in your mind, body, and spirit. This alignment is essential to develop health and well-being in recovery. When you tap into your energy body, which exists in the quantum field of infinite possibilities, healing begins.

By changing your internal state, you can change your external reality.

The idea that you can release your addictions by translating thought into emotion might sound far-fetched at first. But there have been many documented instances where people have done just that. When combined with traditional ways of treating addictions, many people experience high levels of freedom and release.

This is a journey that will expand your horizons of what is possible and challenge you to embrace a radically higher level of healing and being. Believe in your ability to realize your highest potential. Take action and create the happy and healthy future you absolutely deserve!


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