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For some people, the way they react to situations is major sabotage…

They may not even realize how much it affects their ability to breakthrough to success.

Now, I don’t want you to have anxiety about this, so today, I’m going to teach you how to overcome your old reactions and replace them with a new response. I am going to assist you to build emotional resilience.

I’m going to take you through a 4-step process to identify negative automatic thoughts and replace them with new empowering thoughts.

This will assist you to improve your emotional well-being and your law of attraction.

Your thoughts control how you feel about yourself and the world around you. Sometimes your thoughts happen so quickly that you fail to notice them, but they can still affect your mood and your law of attraction.

When you learn the 4-step process I’m going to teach you, you’ll know the easy way to start shifting your reactions.

Shifting Your Reactions

Here’s how the process works…

Make a list of 3-4 of the most common triggers that cause you anxiety. These are the situations that likely trigger your body into fight-or-flight. They are the situations that cause you to react instead of respond.

After you have written down your triggers, then write your automatic thoughts and your reactions. For example… Do you lash out when confronted about a mistake? Do you become passive-aggressive if you don’t get your way? Do you head for the refrigerator when you are supposed to be making business prospecting calls?

In this step, you are going to uncover why you do what you do. In life, you go through a series of events and experiences that create conditions which
become behaviors. Explore events from your past have conditioned you to behave or react this way.

Once you understand your old pattern, take a few minutes and create a new, more productive thought pattern and response.

Here’s an example…

Trigger: Someone cuts you off in traffic.

What’s your automatic thought?: That guy is trying to harm me. He did that to me on purpose.

Where does this thought or pattern come from?: When I feel unsafe, I lash out. I show anger to cover up the fear that I feel.

Create a New Thought: Being cut off in traffic isn’t personal. Sometimes people are in a hurry, and they make poor decisions. My choice is to let the person go and drive safely.

Becoming aware of your triggers and understanding why you do what you do are key components to building emotional resilience.

To break your emotional patterns, you must first identify them and then understand how they developed. When you gain this awareness, you have the opportunity to create change.

Reacting Versus Responding

Let’s dive a little deeper.

So… why do you tend to react instead of respond?

When your body goes into a fight or flight, that’s a reaction. When you open your mouth and have to validate, justify, and explain yourself… that’s a reaction.

You’re reacting to past events that you hold onto.

Many people who react are addicted to controlling an outcome. This is why they avoid outcomes that they can’t control. A classic example of this is when people avoid succeeding. They say they’re avoiding failing yet they fail to execute… which is the ultimate contradiction.

If you’re committed to no longer living like this, you have to begin to let go of living in an overwhelmed unorganized state of consciousness. You have to start to have a better awareness of when your body gets triggered into fight-or-flight.

Most of society reacts because they find flaws. They get overwhelmed. They’re negative. They’re anxious. They live in guilt and shame. They’ve been rejected and violated. Because of these challenges, their body runs their brain.

Wiring a New Brain

When you’re a reactor, you’re going to react to the stimulus based on the events that shaped your feelings. As you commit to the process of letting go and recovery, your body will respond differently to the stimulus.

You can begin wiring a new brain. The neurons that wire and fire no longer have a shelf life. You no longer feel the way you felt.

And in business, you no longer feel rejected when someone doesn’t buy from you because you’re learning how to respond. Your emotional resilience increases.

As you have a better understanding of why do you do, then your body starts to align with your brain, and you become one with. This is where you become more skilled at responding and you’re able to easily and effortlessly let go.

You’re not the mind-body connection to the events that keep you reacting.

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