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This post is the second in a series on “The Most Essential Mindset Lessons…”

In my previous post, I addressed the “How To Change Your Dialogue With Money,” and gave you strategies for changing your money mindset, specifically…

How your beliefs about money affect your ability to create and keep it.

OK, if you’re still here, then you’ve realized that you can’t run from your problems…

…because they will follow you wherever you go. This means to change the present circumstances you’re operating in, you must become objective. You have to uncover why you are stuck or not achieving at the level required to be a Top Producer.

So today… I want you to answer this question. But before I ask, I want you to consider what it really takes to create top production results. Are you willing to do what it takes to create new leads? Are you willing to put in the time to prospect daily?

So here is the real question… Do you intend to change?

I am sure you have good intentions but do you realize that an intention is not a commitment. A commitment is a promise that you will complete a task… no matter how you feel. You will do it anyways. You don’t let your emotional state hinder your actions toward your goals.


The Secret To Conquering Your Emotional State

Now…the most prevalent feelings that can hinder you as an entrepreneur are abandonment and rejection. Abandonment and rejection are the cause of most people’s feelings that surface when they look at a telephone to prospect…

…but then they end up on Facebook, on Youtube, or they end up getting ready to get ready.

I’ve seen many great people, with great talent and skills actually spend hours in their business but never produce ay results. When it comes to your time, you must be results oriented. You must understand what you get paid for.

If you don’t understand the correlation between time and a result… then you will end up procrastinating. Your time must become valuable and learn where to devote your time… where it is deserved… NEVER needed.

The new year is upon us and if it is important to you… you must learn to transform your feelings so you can transform your actions.

If you transform your actions with out transforming your feelings, you will be right back in procrastination in a short period of time.


Why Procrastination KILLS

So many people spend their time procrastinating… getting ready to get ready which leads to exhaustion, guilt, bankruptcy, disappointment and so on.

I encounter many people in my coaching that tell me their spouse is not supportive. In reality, a large reason that the spouse doesn’t support them is because they procrastinate. They talk a big game and lead with their mouth and to their wallet.

Hey… I know what that’s like. I’ve bragged, talked a big game and then got anxious about the game I talked that I shut down.

Start by setting small goals.

I had a coaching client tell me her goal was to be a millionaire. I told her she might want to start by having her first $5,000. If you talk big without a commitment… you set yourself up to fail. To be a top producer, there are simple disciplines you must master.

If you intended to prospect today and you didn’t… What did you do? Get ready to get ready… Get your ducks in a row… walk the dog… spend a little time with the kids… get on Youtube… make a video? I see too many people find excuses not to produce.

What does it mean to be productive? It means you let go of situations quickly and keep moving forward. You have a prospecting call… you move on. You have another call and you leave a voicemail. You keep moving. You don’t sit there and ponder and say… “Oh my God! I only have a few leads left… What am I going to do?” Here’s what you do. What ever it takes! Find more numbers, create more leads and you call more people.

Decide. Commit. Then figure it out! If you don’t have habits of production or you’ll have habits of procrastination. And procrastination always leads to disappointment.


Let Go Of Emotional Baggage

Here is the biggest lesson I teach all my students… Begin to understand why you do what you do so you don’t have to wrestle with emotional addictions like procrastination.

Start with the stories you tell yourself. Begin to understand what events in your life have shaped your feelings and have led to the stories that keep you stuck. This is how you began to change.

Change is one day at a time.

As you begin to let go of those events that no longer serve you… you will change your emotional energetic vibration. This changes your attractor factor!

As you let go of the stories about being rejected when you prospect… you can put your effort into becoming more skilled at asking a set of questions about the outcome you seek… better at qualifying people for your time… be able to create a relaxed interview… and become more receptive and skilled at persuasion skills.

Start to live one day at a time in ease and simplicity. Commit to the daily disciplines and you will experience a shift in your reality.






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