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This topic is so important…

Not only for business, but for life.

What is it?


Confrontation is a part of effective communication… and it doesn’t have to be seen in a negative light. I am not talking about the type of confrontation where you go throw down on someone in a dark alley.

I’m talking about confronting a roadblock you have with a prospect, friend or relationship partner.

What I want you to realize is that confrontation can be very positive when you express yourself appropriately to others.

So why is it so important that you learn this skill as a business owner?

Because you will have prospects that can’t make a decision, tell you lies because they don’t want to tell you they are not interested, make contradictory statements and so on…

I am going to teach you how to diplomatically confront the situation. Take a look at this example…


Q: How much income are you seeking to create per month?

Prospect: $10,000

Q: Great! Is there any other information you require before getting started?

Prospect: No…. How do I get started?

Q: The business package is $$$. What name do you want on your account?

Prospect: Oh… I will have to get back to you when I have the money.


NOW here is where your confrontation skills come in to play!


Q: Susan, are you serious about making $10,000 a month?

Prospect: Yes, I am serious, BUT I just don’t have the money right now so I’ll have to get back to you.

Q: Susan, when will you be getting back with me?

Prospect: Probably Friday.

Q: Can you commit to Friday?


You see, Susan was telling me what she thought I wanted to hear. The likelihood of her getting back with me is slim based on what I heard in her language style. My ability to confront her statements unveils the truth. It assists me to bring her to a decision and to an outcome. I won’t be wasting time calling her back 2 or 3 times to see if she is ready to get started.


Confrontation Is A Skill

Confrontation is a skill and it must be learned if you are going to become a professional. This should come from a relaxed energy where you are able to be in the moment with people. You can’t be afraid of offending prospects… getting in trouble or saying the wrong thing.

Get out of your head and come from your heart. Many people are unable to make a decision even when an amazing opportunity is right in front of them. Your ability to confront their objections can make the difference in them changing the quality of their life or staying stuck.


Here is another example…


Prospect: This all sounds like a great opportunity and I could really use the extra money because I have 2 kids going off to college. BUT… I just don’t have the time.

A: Tom, isn’t that exactly why you should consider this business? Because you don’t have time freedom or the money you require to send your kids to college without going into debt?

Prospect: (Prospect is doughnuts) Wow… I never thought of it that way.

A: Now that you are thinking about it, is this something you can see yourself starting in the pockets of your time to build your dreams?

Prospect: Yes


You see… If I didn’t confront his excuse, he would continue on like the rest of society on the 40-40-40 plan…. They work 40 hours a week for 40 years only to retire and struggle on 40% of their income.

Once again… To become a professional and get paid like a professional you must learn the skills required to master your craft. That means you must develop confrontation skills.

 Start simple.

Next time someone says they don’t have the money…. Ask them if the have a credit card they can use.

If you say… I could never ask that!

Well… you are right, you can’t and that is why you will never become a professional.

It’s time to look in the mirror and confront yourself. Are you willing to let go and get out of your head?


Are you going to step to the plate and swing like a PRO?…

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