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Change is not loose change.

Change is not coins.

Change is transformation.

Change is letting go of that which is familiar.

You will tend to do what is familiar to you and in your brain… you have a neurological network that sets you up to do the same thing over and over based on cause and effect.

Yes… you are going to have tendencies, but you want to make sure your tendencies aren’t your identity. If you want to change, begin by changing your words. Your words are law and do not return void.

Unfortunately, most of society uses a series of words and sounds to de-edify themselves and also to stay in a place where they don’t change. For example, they stay in a place called doubt and indecision. Doubt is the space between fear and faith. That’s one of the areas I’m going to break down for you so you can better understand why you do what you do and let go of what you should do… and you can let go of what you don’t do.

Many people misuse the word fear when they really mean anxiety. Anxiety is when you get overwhelmed. It’s what keeps you from changing.

To change, you have to have a good look at this… cause and effect.

The effects are your addictions. The effects are what keep you under-earning and doing the same thing over and over.

Now, if you have lived an average life, achieving somewhere between forty to seventy thousand dollars… and you want to become a 6 or 7-figure income earner or change your vocation or even reinvent yourself, then you have to let go of the anxiety that keeps you in the familiar space of overwhelm.

You are an emotional being and to change, you have to let go of anger, resentment, guilt, shame, abandonment, rejection and your overwhelmed feelings. As you learn to learn to let go of your anxieties, you’ll learn to let go of some of the effects that keep you doing the same thing over and over.

To take that step forward, to make a quantum leap, many people want to jump over the problem and arrive in the land of paradise. To really make changes, they are simple and subtle. They’re methodical. They’re systematic. They’re realistic. So when you start to break down the cause that creates the effect, you start to get real with yourself.


Rigorous Honesty

Rigorous honesty are two words used over and over in the 12 step programs because to get honest means to get clear with yourself so you can begin the process of change.

Change is a process devoted one day at a time over a long career to create the compounded effect.

Now, your left-brain, your analytical egoic mind… the mind that likes to solve problems and avoid perceived pain, will often come out in words that say…

“I’m not sure.”

“I don’t know.”

When you are in that space, you’re in doubt. That kind of doubt keeps you from changing… and keeps you in pain avoidance.


Your Comfort Zone

Now, when you start to move into a place called NEW or the UNFAMILIAR … your left-brain is going to do everything in its power to keep you in a place called FAMILIAR.

That’s your comfort zone.

Your comfort zone is typically your failure zone. That’s where many people operate. They have so much anxiety about failing that they don’t practice the skills of succeeding.

But, let’s look at success like we’d look at change. Change is a skill. Change is a process. Change is an identity. And when you become skilled at changing, you have the ability to adapt and adjust… to be in flow, to let go, to create energetic vibrational energy in a space that allows you to adapt and adjust and move with the situation. But if you’re rigid and tight and go into fight or flight… change is going to be very challenging.

Understand this… change is synonymous with the word CHOICE.

Instead of looking at how to change, let’s reverse the equation and ask yourself why you don’t change.

Instead of focusing on the HOW DO I? …focus on the spiritual side of letting go.

Let go of the familiar.

Let go of your ego.

Let go of situations that no longer serve you.

Then, move into the change zone.

The change zone is a whole different space where you start to let go of your anxiety. You’re not controlled and ruled by your analytical and egoic mind. You are you and you are free. That is when change becomes a choice and change can become inevitable when you practice the skills of change.

Remember this as you go through change.

Change is a skill.

Change is a choice.

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