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Prospecting From The Heart

In this 8-track audio program, Jeffery Combs reveals his secrets to creating multiple 7-figure income results and teaches you how to implement the same skills and strategies he uses each and every day to create the results you desire in your enterprise. The information in this program is designed to assist you to create internal transformations so you can prospect and connect effortlessly from your heart!

Prospecting from the Heart was recorded Live at a prospecting clinic with 20 of Jeffery's best clients where they were making live dials, prospecting, closing, and overcoming objections. 

This Audio Program Will Assist You To:

  • Release Prospecting Anxiety
  • Master the Inner Game of Selling
  • Develop 7 Figure Habits to Create 7 Figure Results
  • Connect In the Moment 
  • Learn to Interview, Not Interrogate