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If you are not a closer, you are a poser. It’s plain and simple.

Closer’s close and posers pose. A poser is an order taker. If you are an order taker, you can’t close.

Closing is unequivocally an art. It’s a paintbrush on canvas. It’s a series of colors that come together to form a picture. The picture you paint is beautiful because the result is conducive to feeling good.

When you become a closer, it’s an expectation. You’ll wake up in the morning ready to close.  Rather than avoiding the process by being in your own pain, you’ll play for the close.

If you are ready to let go of your poser identity, let’s jump into the process and commitment of being a closer.


Small Talk, Fact-Finding, And Rapport Building

First things first.

If you are going to be a closer, you can’t be scripted. You have to be able to ask a question based on an answer. Small talk, rapport building, and fact-finding is part of the process.

You rapport build in increments. You don’t rapport build throughout the whole conversation because fact-finding is the most important part of the process. You want to find out the details.

The most important thing you have to ask yourself is…

Is this a qualified prospect?

Is this someone who merit’s my time?

Is this someone who sees the value?

Is this someone who will pay top dollar for top service?

These are questions you must ask yourself as you go through the process. That means you must be able to do this…


Yes… you must be intuitive. That means you trust your feelings. You must be able to be very relaxed… In the flow. In the present. In the moment.  You must be in prosperity.

But if you come into that call with desperation, you will cast out your broke thoughts.

“I haven’t closed a sale since the late 70’s”

“The only people I attract are product consumers.”

“I can’t get a business builder.”

If that’s what you are telegraphing, then you will attract people and situations to fulfill feelings that keep you disappointed.

A common mixed message I see is people saying…

“I don’t know what to do.”

“I don’t know who to be.”

“I don’t know what to do with them when I get them started.”

STOP focusing on details that are not important.

Focus on how to get paid. Don’t get caught up in the pay plan. Focus on how to get compensated. Focus on the outcome. Focus on creating a result.

If you are going to be a closer, you have to find the problem to see if you can resolve it. This is where you use fact-finding. Fact-finding is how you open the wound. It’s also referred to as finding the pain. When you can expose the pain or the problem, you can provide a solution. That is when your averages go way up for closing the sale.

BUT… when you are in anxiety, your law of averages is diminished. So, find the problem and resolve it. That is why you fact-find.

After all of your efforts in asking the questions on your prospecting call, make sure you don’t leave out the most important question of all.

Ask For The Decision

One of the biggest misconceptions about closing the sale is that you are asking for money. What you are asking for is a decision. You are not saying, “Are you ready to pay me?”

Here’s what you should be asking… “Are you ready to get started?”

You must be comfortable at the end. You can’t let your anxiety get in the way.  Get the order and get out of the building. That means close the sale, stop talking, and move on.  Get out of the conversation.

What I see so many people do is close the sale and then start talking. When you do this, the prospect starts to get overwhelmed. This is what can create buyer’s remorse.

Asking for a decision is nothing more than saying this…

When are you ready to get started?

When are you ready to receive the benefits our products have to offer?

When are you ready to change the quality of your life?

When are you ready to get healthy?

Do you see an opportunity?

Do you see the value?

THEN… if someone says, “How much does it cost?”  You can respond, “If the value is great enough, does the cost matter?”  And you want that to be able to roll off your tongue. That question creates the doughnut effect. The prospect opens their mouth and says, umm…

If someone is not interested, LET THEM GO!

And don’t give me that, “ YEAH BUT…”

Yeah, but what?  Posers say, “yea but,” and closers CLOSE.

Posers continue to ask questions that don’t merit any closing. Closers can read a person quickly and then find someone else to close.  The fortune is in the close. Follow up with people who merit it, and let the people who don’t… go.

Don’t stalk a prospect.

Selling is the highest paid profession in the world. It’s important that you understand what you get paid for. To be able to effectively close, you must come from a professional standpoint.

Closing has to become an attitude and a way of life.


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