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This week… I’m going to go deep. I am going to assist you to get to the root cause of why you are not closing sales. It’s break through time!

Let’s start by taking a look at what drives a prospect to buy.

Every price is too high until the prospect sees the benefit and the value. People are interested in owning when they ask the price. Typically, the price must be justified with some kind of benefit and emotional feeling.

The biggest challenge in closing is overcoming indecision or objections. Indecision is due to a lack of enough want. Objections appear logical but typically are emotional. Consider this… Objections are best prevented rather than treated.

Also realize, objections are not necessarily permanent. You must learn to close emotionally rather than logically. And… you must create a sense of urgency in any kind of sales or marketing. There is no magic in closing. It’s just asking simple questions.

When you understand the average person can’t make a decision… you are in the driver’s seat. You make the decision and get them to agree with it.


Handling Objections

 So why do most marketers and entrepreneurs have challenges handling objections in the close?

It’s simple.

Most people perceive it to be painful. Even though no one is rejected… the average person creates rejection in their mind because of an association with past events. When someone says to you, “I don’t have the money,” they are NOT saying, “I want a divorce.” They are simply giving you a reason, a validation or a justification.

However… Most people get trapped in the process of pain.

Rejection is connected to abandonment issues from the past. For most people, objections represent confrontation. A large percent of society will back down from what they perceive to be confrontation. Many people ask me, “How do I get over my rejection fears?”

Let’s break down these two situations… Rejection and Confrontation

Changing Your Perception Of Rejection and Confrontation

 These situations are the most common reasons that great people with skills and talent never master sales, marketing, and closing. Change your perception of the situation…

Let go of rejection… Understand no one is rejecting you… And no none is telling you NO.

You are getting a series of simple objections, complaints, validations, justifications, reasons and excuses. They say can’t, won’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t and are unable to purchase or buy your product to get started in your opportunity.

Most people in the world don’t enjoy confrontation. In the close, when you confront someone’s objection, you are confronting his or her fear. And you are actually doing him or her a service by giving an opportunity to understand why it is challenging to decide. Confrontation is not getting into a fistfight. It isn’t physical. The confrontation is emotional.


The Law Of Cause And Effect

If phone fear, rejection fear, and confrontation fear are what keep you stuck… that is an effect. What is the underlying cause? For most people… rejection issues are connected to issues from the past.

Learn to be in a place of objectivity and not personalizing the situation. You have to be able to look at what is really going on. If you are afraid of the outcome before you start… that is an effect.

Start objectively letting go of the situations from your past that no longer serve you. Being able to forgive and let go is a liberating experience that will allow you to say, “WOW… Sales and marketing is not as difficult as I thought!”

Learn to operate on your feet. Paint a picture. Communicate and connect with people. Attract people who are prosperous, abundant, have networks and circles of influence… people who are connectors, creative and results oriented.

These are the kind of people you seek to have in your circle of influence. This can only be done from a perspective of faith—not fear. Fear will always be the thief of your dreams. It is what will keep from your creativity. It keeps you stuck.


Close The Sale

A sale is never closed until you have the order in your hand. If you omit the invitation to buy… they will procrastinate. Many times a prospect is sold, but the order is never taken—so no close. You must create a sense of urgency early in a presentation. Congratulate your prospect on their decision and leave quickly. Don’t hang around or you can end up UNCLOSING the close.

Close the sale. Close your mouth. AND close the door.

The less you say—the more money you create! The art of closing is asking, listening and receiving. 20% of your time should be spent asking and 80% of your time should be spent listening. Learn how to handle objections with 3- 10 words that end in a question. That is how you master the game.

Isn’t it time you move into your heart and out of your head?

Addressing objections is nothing more than getting to the point and the real reason why someone can’t create a decision. You are actually robbing people of your brilliance by not being able to assist them with getting to the point. Isn’t it time you get paid what you are worth? Start by addressing the objections and fears. This can only be done by being in the present moment and being in your heart.



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