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This week, I’m going to take you into the jungle. I’m going to teach you the animal factor… personalities for success.

You may be asking yourself, “Why this is important.”

So here is my answer…

The better you understand WHO you are connecting with, the better you will be at marketing, selling, closing and creating relationships.

Let me introduce you…

Welcome to the jungle and if you don’t know how to identify the animals… there going to bring you to your knees. (Figuratively speaking that is… Thank you Guns and Roses for your contribution.)

Meaning… they will have the edge and have you begging PLEASE… PLEASE… for the sale.

So over the next few weeks, I’m going to share their likes, dislikes and hot buttons of our animal friends to give you the edge.

Who are these beasts?


The koala… our amiable relator… the caretaker of society.

The wise old owl… the analytical thinker.

The monkey… the life of the party swinging tree to tree.

The lion… the A-type personality who loves to roar.

The truth is, their really not that scary. You just have to understand how to connect with them.

This week I’m going to focus on THE LION. I’m going to show you how to close an A-Type prospect.


The Lion

Let’s get to know the lion…The king of the jungle.

Powerful lions refuse to believe there is anything about them that could be offensive… because they believe they are ALWAYS right. They naturally can’t see that there’s anything possibly wrong with themselves.

AND lions must win in every situation and typically at all costs… because they find a way not to lose and most of all not to lose face. They’re always able to rationalize why weakness is not theirs but a fault in others.

Now…if the lion can ever be convinced of his abusive nature, he or she will be the quickest to improve because they are goal oriented and must prove to themselves that they can conquer anything they set their mind to.

Lions are compulsive doers. They can accomplish more than any other temperament. BUT… on the negative side, they have challenges relaxing. They go full steam ahead for so long that they can’t switch off. They are great at generating a tremendous amount of productivity. One of their biggest challenges is they feel guilty if they are not doing something.

Wait… I mean everything.

Here are some of the traits of the lion…

They’re high energy. Take charge leaders.

Decisive, organized, productive… They’re quick. Logical. Strategic thinkers.

They’re confident but may appear arrogant. Often times their confidence will mask their low self-esteem. They think and talk in terms of big picture. They are extremely obsessive and compulsive. They’re creative and innovative managers and leaders. They articulate with sophisticated vocabularies.  

They express their power in dress, jobs, homes, cars, and entrepreneurship. They seek leadership roles in any field they start in. They’re talkative and energetic. They’re decisive, logical decision makers. They’re direct, no-nonsense and extremely practical. They’re conservative functional dressers. They’re friendly but business-like.


Communicating with the Lion

When communicating or connecting with this personality type… get to the point. Be organized and assertive. Stress innovation and creative aspects and do your leg work. Be prepared to defend your position. Base appeals on logic, not emotion. Meet all commitments and deadlines. Market your competence and your self-sufficiency. Be respectful but assertive. Don’t take criticism personally from them.

Appeal to their sense of fairness. Make sure to be accurate with all details and stress the practical benefits. Document your past history of success. Be on time and honor all deadlines.

When you are communicating with this personality, cut to the chase because they’re going to interrupt you often times and say, “What’s this about? Can you give me more information?”

Their motto is: My way or the highway! Get it done.

Oh… and they want it done yesterday.

I will tell you that this is the type of personality who knows how to pull a fast trigger. They will act on their intuition, especially if it feels right. When speaking to this personality, remember they like to control people and situations. So don’t be surprised if they interrupt you and don’t be afraid to stand up to the lion…

…because you will get more respect than if you back down. If you back down… they’ve usually gone to rest under a tree.

The lion loves to be the center of attention. They love to be on stage. They are high achievers and love challenge and competition. You definitely desire this personality type because they are top producers of all organizations.

These are the true leaders of society. They are oriented toward productivity and they’re going to ask you the bottom-line results. Once again, don’t be intimidated by the “King of the Jungle.”

Remember… their roar is just a small bark, especially when you stand up to this personality.

They like to move in an extremely fast pace. So if you don’t move with them, they’ll either run over you or leave you behind. They are extremely impatient with delays.

Are you starting to see how this information will work to your advantage when prospecting?

Let’s keep going. You are going to see why the lion is someone you definitely want in your enterprise.


The Productive Lion

When speaking with the lion, you must be direct and cut to the chase. They operate extremely well under pressure and they love to “Make it Happen!” They love to be challenged and they love to prove everyone else wrong. They are very decisive with actions and decisions.

Oh… and they love to control many things at one time. This type of person may own 3 or 4 businesses. Don’t be intimidated. Read this person very clearly because this type of person can juggle more businesses, more happenings than any other of the personality temperaments.

This personality type will definitely pay the price for success even at the cost of sabotaging their own relationships, their lifestyle and their own personal peace. These people are very susceptible to burn out because they are all or nothing.

They tend to operate out of guilt.

If they are not producing…

If they are not creating activity…

If they are not in the limelight, then they typically will feel guilty because they are not doing.

Doing is in the lion’s blood. They are the first in the office and the last to leave. And they take it personally if you are their teammate and you’re not doing exactly what they are doing.

They fight hard to get their way. At times, they are stubborn, impatient and they will definitely get in the ring with you. They will also accept momentary defeat and get right back on the mat the quickest of all the personalities.

So, when speaking to the lion, be prepared to get in the ring…

…but don’t back down!

Just take a deep breath and be very prepared to get to your point quickly.

So here’s the part you’ve been waiting for. Are you ready to learn how to market to the lion?

Let’s keep going…

Marketing to the Lion

If you are presenting, marketing or communicating with the lion… sit down and jump right in. Once again, don’t be intimidated because their bark is worse than their bite. Hit quick and hard.

Focus your conversation around the lion’s goals. They are big picture people. Be able to back up your statements with fact and solid proof.

DON’T exaggerate to the lion because this is the type of person that has a tremendous memory and they will call you to the carpet because they trust their intuition. You want to get the lion involved immediately because they want to know how to be number one… how to go straight to the top. These people have the most confidence and the most leadership ability.


I hope I have been able to paint the picture of the lion personality for you. Begin to look for these characteristics very early in a conversation so you can make the best connection possible!

If you found this post helpful, be sure to check out the monkey personality next week.

Until then… Stay safe.

It’s a jungle out there!




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