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Throughout my career as an entrepreneur and salesman, I have read many of Brian Tracy’s books. Brian teaches sales, time management, personal development and leadership. I still have many of his books in my collection today.

Before writing this post, I pulled down his book, Maximum Achievement, from my shelf and found one of my old business cards in it from 1995 when I was in a company called Global Link Communications. I was one of the top income earners in that company, but for those of you who know my story, this is the company that went out of business leaving me holding checks I couldn’t cash and making investments using my credit card. Ultimately, leaving me in a hundred thousand dollars of debt.

One quote from Brian states, “You have within you right now, everything you need to deal with whatever the world can throw at you.” 

I did have it in me. I didn’t give up. I produced my way out of my challenges and overcame that situation. I was a top producer in the next company I joined and after that, I started my seminar and coaching business.

As you can imagine, when I came across an opportunity to be a guest on The Brian Tracy Show, I was inspired to meet him in person. The opportunity was three day experience that started the morning after I hosted my 2 ½ day Protégé Workshop in Stockton, CA.

Protégé ended Saturday night at 6 PM and I was required to be in San Diego the next day. I would also have to rearrange my coaching schedule… and as many of you know, I coach 12-14 hour per day.

To me, it was worth whatever I had to do to make it work. Especially because my interview with Brian would be aired on ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox affiliates across the country!

This is what I teach my students…

Decide first.


And figure out the HOW TO afterward.

So this is what I did…

I took 2 of my employees with me and we drove to San Diego right after my Protégé event. This way, I would arrive around 1 AM at the Hard Rock Hotel. It allowed me to still coach some of my morning clients on Sunday. I also had one of my assistants run public relations for me. She took care of the scheduling, communications and details leading up to the event. Having a great team made all the difference to creating the best experience.

Sunday evening, I attended a Red Carpet Bash, which was the welcome reception where I met the key people running the event. I was able to network with some extraordinary entrepreneurs from all over the world that were also being featured on the Brian Tracy Show.

Monday was the filming of the interview. I went through the process of hair and makeup before the shoot. The filming was held in a suite at the Hard Rock Hotel that was transformed to be the set of the show.

It was an honor and a privilege to meet Brian Tracy in person. He was very personable. After the interview, I went back to producing and then took my team out for a night on the town.

The final day, I participated in a professional photo shoot. I went through the process of hair and makeup and had the shots taken. As soon as I was finished, I was driven back to my home in Stockton, California. I was committed to hosting my Tuesday night More Heart Than Talent Call. My other employee stayed in San Diego to attend the media and marketing training that afternoon and then she flew home later that evening.

And three months later, I have the final edit of the interview that will be aired across the country.

But… You can see it first right here!



Brian Tracy Interviews Jeffery Combs from Jeffery Combs on Vimeo.



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