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If you gave your current level of satisfaction and happiness a grade…

Would you pass or fail?

No matter your age, you can absolutely break through your barriers. That’s why I’m going to teach you an 8-step breakthrough formula.

Whether you seek to break through in life or business, this 8-step process will be your guide.

Let’s jump right in to step 1.

Step 1: Identify Struggle

The first step in the breakthrough process is to identify the areas in your life where you tend to struggle. Take a look at your health, romantic relationships, career, relationships with friends and family, and your finances. What areas stand out the most? Then identify any of the habits that are holding you back. If you don’t understand where the problem lies, you won’t be able to break through.

Step 2: Uncover Why You Do What You Do

In step 2, you begin to uncover why you do what you do. You look at your behaviors and start to see the connections from events that happened in your past. You look at how you were conditioned to behave growing up. You look at your story and your family story. This is where you break down the cause and effect of why you do what you do. Until you know why you do what you do, you won’t be able to change.

Step 3: Uncover Addictions and Limiting Beliefs

Step 3 requires you to dig deeper. This is where you confront your addictive behaviors and tendencies. These tendencies can be emotional and physical addictions. In this step, you start to understand how you perpetuate situations to receive a payoff. Yes. That’s right. A payoff. And the payoff often times is that you don’t have to take responsibility for your current state of being. If you broke through, you’d have to take responsibility for your success, your relationships, your happiness and your life. In this step, you also uncover your limiting beliefs. Your limiting beliefs are what sabotage your ability to break through. If you don’t believe you can break through… how can you break through?

Step 4: Claim Your Power Over Your Emotional State

One of the biggest challenges I see in this step is that so many people stuff their feelings. They try to control other people by not saying what they feel. And they don’t acknowledge how they feel to themselves. In order to let go of the low vibrational emotional states of guilt, shame, abandonment, rejection, and overwhelmed feelings… you have to acknowledge them. You learn how to respond instead of reacting to these emotions when they arise. This is how you begin to claim your power.

Step 5: Letting Go

Step 5 is where you break the cycle. It’s where you begin to let go. So many of my clients ask me, “How do I let go?” I say, “You let go.” It sounds simple but it can be very challenging for people because they have to let go of their old identity. They have to commit to creating a new one. This is where the power of decision means you take responsibility for your breakthrough.

Step 6: Reconditioning Your Mind

In step 6, you begin to recondition your brain to create a new mind. You change your beliefs. You create a new dialogue with yourself. You create your vision and you set goals to achieve it. You become a goal-getter and you act with a sense of urgency. This is where you become purpose driven.

Step 7: Building Emotional Resilience

Emotional resilience is the step that is required to heal your addicted soul. It’s where you find the power of forgiveness. It’s where you look adversity in the face and you don’t back down. You learn to be accountable to yourself and you are willing to pay the price to break through. This step is where you gain the tenacity to overcome whatever comes your way.

Step 8: Raising Your Level of Conscious Awareness

The last step is where it all comes together. You raise your awareness and you no longer live in low vibrational states of being. You are conscious of when you are triggered or tempted to revert back to past addictions. You are able to step back and think about how you’ve been thinking. You move into the zone and begin to live an inspired life. In this final step, you make breakthroughs a way of life.

The Breakthrough Factor

It’s so much easier to break through when you have a formula to follow. That’s why I went back into the studio to record my new Breakthrough Factor Audio program. I haven’t been in the recording studio since 2008!

After 20+ years of coaching and speaking… I’ve fine-tuned the art of guiding people through the breakthrough process. And now I am able to share in my new Breakthrough Factor Audio Program.

I’m so inspired that for a limited time, I am giving it away for free. Click the banner below to receive it now!

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