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Last week on the Golden Mastermind Seminars, Inc. Blog, I talked about how to attract more prosperity into your life and how it’s a result of raising your energetic vibration.

If you missed out, you can check it out here:

All things become possible when you begin to have emotional breakthroughs.

But, what holds you back?

It’s the negative emotions and the stories you tell yourself about those emotions that keep you attracting the same people and situations to your life.

In particular, anger is an emotional state that can hold you back physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually.

So to raise your attractor factor… you have to begin to release anger from your being.

That’s the breakthrough accelerator.


Who me… Angry?

First, let me ask you a question.

Ever wonder why you’re angry so frequently?

(or someone you know is always angry?)

There is a simple answer.

You are in denial.

Meaning… you’re unaware of why you do what you do.

AND… if you are angry all the time… you are a victim of anger. If you repress and suppress your anger… then anger has become an identity. If you don’t know why you do what you do, then you will continue to do what you do… because it has become familiar.

Are you ready to let go of control?

First, let’s breakdown what control is…

It’s an illusion.

You’re not under control and there’s no control above you. There is no pressure. Pressure is also an illusion.

Control is what you do to stay in a familiar state and that’s what many people do to control their disappointment. They control their anger.

It’s staying in a contradiction. It’s not a wild dog you try to tame.

What you want to learn to do is let go of your control so you have a better understanding of why you do what you do.

Otherwise… you end up out of control of the control you think you control.

Yes, that sounds controlling.

And if you’re controlling, you’ll spend a lot of your time controlling your emotions, your addictions and your feelings. When you begin to let go of control… then you’re present. That means you learn to be autonomous… meaning objective.

When you’re in the present, you’re not concerned with the future. And if you learn to let go of your anxiety, then you won’t live in regret from the past.

And that’s what many people do. They control their feelings to stay angry and then they attract people and situations where they can fulfill their need to be angry.

Sounds exhausting… Doesn’t it?

You have to learn to have a better command of your brain wave state instead of trying to CONTROL your emotional state.

Here is a look at the brain wave states:

Beta: Alert, Engaged in work, Busy thinking

Alpha: Relaxed, Images and visuals, Self-introspection, Daydreaming

Theta: Between awake and asleep, deep meditation, Flow of ideas and creativity

Delta: Unconscious, very deep sleep


So what happens when you’re angry?

Your beta waves spike and you are prevented from thinking calmly. High-range Beta is associated with significant stress, anxiety, paranoia, high energy, and high arousal.

You cannot find peace in this emotional state.

You have to gain a better understanding of the three levels of consciousness… your subconscious, unconscious and conscious awareness.

When you’re present and available emotionally… you can be a human being. Yes… it’s a “be” state.


Victim Mentality

When you are angry… you will tend to feel like a victim.

If you continue to be a victim and stay in a victim mentality… you will continue to live in the past.

Unfortunately, that’s what a victim does.

Victims want attention.

They like to tell victim stories… multiple stories. And they like to tell them, share them and throw up on you with their stories. Great visual… right?

But if you’re ready to let go of being a victim, then you can learn to be a victor. When you begin to let go of being a victim, you can start to become victorious over your emotions that keep you angry all the time.

You’ve probably heard of the term victim mentality.

What it means is you’ve created an identity of being a victim.

That means that you’ll attract situations to fulfill your victim-itis so that you can say… this always happens to me.

Well, that is correct because you’ve created an identity for people to foster your anger and that way you get to your fuel anger. You get to be angry and you’ll have people cheat you. You’ll get laid off from your job. You’ll get cut off in traffic. Miraculous situations out of left field show up to foster your anger.

Now… have you suffered enough?

Rather than being a victim, you want to learn to be present. Being a victim is exhausting. It wears you out emotionally. Your emotional state can exhaust you.

It keeps you doing the same thing over and over attracting the same tired story.


Letting Go

Let me ask you this…

Can you commit to letting go?

Very few people ever use the word commit in the English language. Most of society uses words like need, like to have, want to and I guess.

What does that mean?

It means that a lot of people are non-committal and unfortunately… a lot of society has self-talk that keeps them in poverty consciousness and low self-esteem.

Are you ready to turn it around?

As you begin to let go, you begin to improve your self-talk. You begin to speak more in present tense actualities. You begin to speak more in present tense awareness. You begin to be here and now. You begin to use a different set of affirmations that allow you to foster change and or transformation.

Anger affects everyone.

You may not have anger issues but there’s a high probability someone in your direct family had anger issues.

Anger shows up in violence, molestation, trauma, rage, fights and a multitude of other type situations.

Anger affects your body and your feelings.

I have coached well over 12,000 clients and well over 60,000 hours of one on one personal coaching. I’ll tell you that a large percent of my coaching has addressed unresolved anger.

That’s specifically why I wrote my book, The Anger Factor.

It assists you to understand the cause and effect of why you’re angry.

But more specifically… how to let go of your anger.

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