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This is the third and final post in this series on “The Most Essential Mindset Lessons…”

In the first post, I addressed “Your Dialogue With Money,” and gave you the important steps to changing your money mindset.

In the second post, I told you what is ESSENTIAL, and specifically what’s required to become a top producer if you want to succeed in business.

This post will pick up where the second post left off, and give you the answer to what I believe is the most important question of them all…

“How do you create a system to succeed?”

But first off, I think it’s important that we address why having a system and why being organized is so critical to your success.

Are you chronically late… or chronically early?

Are you organized… or disorganized?

Do you find yourself procrastinating… or producing most of the day?

These are just a few of the questions I ask my clients in order to uncover if they are systemized and organized. Without a system to succeed, you have a system to fail.

AND without organization… you have disorganization, overwhelm and chaos. Anyone can clean up a desk or a room, but do you have a system to be and stay organized?



I know you have good intentions, BUT intentions do not equal good production. An intention is not a decision. It’s not a commitment. Intentions are ideas that lead to procrastination.

Being organized is a skill, it’s a habit, and it’s a one-day at a time process. If you are not organized, you are most likely operating from an overwhelmed state. This will tend to leave you feeling stressed, anxious and once again… in a state of procrastination.

Consider this…

Do you believe that being and staying organized is hard or difficult?

If you do, then I’m going to suggest you start to tell yourself a different story. Being organized is NEW… it’s a process to be learned one day at a time.

But the real question is WHY are you unorganized? Overwhelmed? Stressed? Chaotic?

Being able to answer these questions is what will lead you to uncover the cause creating the effects of being unorganized, overwhelmed and stressed. You were not born this way.

At some point on your journey, being overwhelmed became a set of feelings that became a mood… that became an identity.


Your Past

Look back on your past…

Were you abandoned, neglected, abused, traumatized, invalidated, persecuted, lied to or picked on? Did you have a parent you couldn’t please no matter how hard you tried? Did you have to walk on eggshells?

What happens is that a lot of people take it personally. If any of these situations is you… there is a likelihood you have buried it. And then you will use a series of outer effects to stuff your inner feelings. You become a gambler, a compulsive spender… you might become addicted to drugs, alcohol, procrastination or any other number of addictions.

Then you think that one day… magically… mythically… the success fairy will show up. An opportunity will land on your doorstep.

It doesn’t happen that way.

Success comes from consistent daily action. That’s why it’s so important to uncover the cause creating the effect of your disorganization and chaos.    

If you desire to become wealthy… it will be very challenging to create wealth in a disorganized space. The more you earn, the more responsible you must become.

There are details you must pay attention to.

You can’t just keep all your numbers on your Blackberry, your blueberry, your gooseberry, or your strawberry because typically many people are so unorganized that they drop their blueberry in the toilet. Then they lose their numbers and do not have a backup plan.

If you want to be a 6 or 7-figure income earner, you have to be and stay organized!


The Secret To Conquering Disorganization

So how do you do it?

How do you learn to step off the hamster wheel?

How do you learn to let go of the control that is keeping you out of control?

The answer is, you let go…

And now you are going to ask me…


Let me break it down for you and give you some strategies. Because this is a one day at a time process. But before I do that, I want you to ask yourself…

…Why DON’T you let go?

What’s the payoff by staying stuck?

Now you are going to tell me there is no payoff. I’ve heard this hundreds of times. If there is no pay off you wouldn’t keep doing it.

The payoff is you don’t have to be responsible.

I’ll let that sink in…

…And move on to 7 strategies to assist you to letting go of overwhelm and disorganization.


7 Strategies To Release Overwhelm And Disorganization


  1. Start by taking a deep breath. Anytime you deep breathe into your body and take it through your chest into your diaphragm… it begins to release the neurons that wire and fire together. This let’s go of familiar feelings.
  1. Understand your cause and effect… why you do what you do. Begin by addressing the cause, not the effect.
  1. Change your language. Don’t edify your overwhelm or disorganization. Affirm that you are in the process of change.
  1. Stop overcommitting. Don’t let guilt control you in to overextending yourself. Create boundaries—learn to say NO.
  1. Create a schedule and a routine. Have a method of daily operation in your business.
  1. Develop systems to succeed.
  1. Commit to clearly defined short-term goals.


It comes down to this…

You can’t keep getting ready to get ready. Success requires details. And it’s what you do daily.

Ask yourself… Did I have a good intention today or did I COMMIT and DECIDE?

Did you prospect one or two hours today? Did you create leads today? Did you mastermind with your team today?

These are the situations that lead to results and success.

So today, as you are moving forward, begin to release your old identity and step into your new grounded, organized and relaxed self!


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