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If you have challenges with success, commitment, or organizational skills… it’s going to be a direct reflection of your emotional state.  Your emotional state affects your level of overwhelm.

It also affects the way you do what you do and how you do it over and over. This happens because the neurons in your brain wire and fire together based on feelings and events from your past. This becomes part of your neurological network.

The way you think, feel, and act then become a habit.

Now, there’s a key skill that will assist you to let go of emotional states that are no longer serving you.

It’s very simple.

It’s called breathing.

Even though breathing should be academic, it’s a very underdeveloped and untapped skill. Breathing is simply taking a deep breath in and releasing it. Now, the reason that’s important is it resets your neurological network. Meaning there is no past and there’s no future. You are not in the regret of the past or the anxiety of the future.


States of Anxiety

Now… many people misuse the word fear. They say, “I fear failure.” Really what most people fear is responsibility. It’s the anxiety of being and staying successful.

Success will contradict your struggle when you are a struggleaholic. If you have a hardaholic mentality… meaning when you make everything hard, then ease would contradict your struggle. So, in your brain chemistry, it’s important that you learn to let go of the control that keeps you doing the same thing over and over.

Practice breathing 5, 10, 15, 20 times a day. It oxygenates your brain and let’s go of the fight or flight that keeps your body in an uptight neurological state. It allows you to have a better perspective so you can be more objective.

However, when you are in resentment and you have anger issues, if you have stuffed feelings and addictions, then this type of anxiety creates an overwhelmed neurological network and detaches you from your creation, your flow, and your connectivity.

When you’re in anxiety, the body reacts with the fight-or-flight response. This is the way the body prepares for anticipated conflict situations or danger. It puts the body into a heightened state of alertness.

To release and breakthrough through an overwhelmed neurological network, simply breathing will interrupt the pattern in your chemistry. Deep breathing not only affects your brain, but also affects your heart, digestion, and your immune system.

So start with one deep breath.


Releasing The Past

As children, we are naturally diaphragmatic breathers but as we experience pain, trauma, and go through events that violate us, our natural diaphragmatic breathing then transitions into high chest breathing. This keeps the body in a flight or flight mentality.

If you encounter an aggressive or passive aggressive personality, it’s likely that you will freeze up, lose your voice, or become very emotional. Many times your body is remembering a past event and reverts back to believing it’s in the past. Breathing can be used to train the body to release the anxiety in stressful situations. Deep breathing stimulates the parasympathetic system, which calms you down.

When you are no longer the mind-body connection to the events that have shaped your feelings and identity, you can move into the flow of life and business. The goal of letting go is more than just getting rid of negative emotions and addictions. The ultimate goal is total freedom and total peace.  Once you let go of resistance… and you surrender, you’ll be surprised how much ground you can quickly cover.

It’s time to learn to breathe again…  so begin to surrender and reprogram your neurological network one deep breath at a time. Your ability to be and stay successful depends on it!


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