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Imagine making one small change to a daily habit that can save you time and energy as a success seeker…

If I told you what it was, would you commit to making the shift?

Let me ask you this…

Did you know your words have power? They have the capability to disempower you or empower you.

Take the word NEED for example. Need is one of the most overused words spoken by the masses. On a daily basis, I correct at least 8 out of 10 of my clients during their one-on-one coaching sessions who say NEED 10-30 times in an hour!

This is what I hear…

“What I need to do.  What I need to do.  What I need to do. “

Need is a future tense word with no commitment. And, if you use need consistently in your vocabulary, you set yourself up to be a chronic procrastinator.

Now, let’s change the language and see how it feels.

“I am…  I am committed… Absolutely!”

You see, by becoming conscious of your word choices, you have to power to start making small changes in your life. The key is to catch yourself in the moment and change the words. Your goal is to create affirmations for success with your word choice.

It would go something like this…

“I need to get this project started… Scratch that! I am committed to beginning this project on Monday night and completing it by Wednesday afternoon.”

It’s really that simple.

This simple action is what leads to a shift in your energy.


Words of Empowerment

Let’s do an experiment.

Read these word choices to yourself and see how they make you feel. Which words feel more empowering?

Chance or Choice?

Maybe or definite?

Try or I am?

Hope or Committed?

Problem or challenge?

I wish or I am?

Help or assist?

Need or deserve?

Um, yeah, ok… or YES?

Indecisive or decisive?

Victim or victor?

I am sure you could feel the difference in your body when as you compared the phrases. The language of success is created by using language of empowerment.

So, it’s important to be aware of disempowering words. Take he word “but” for example. It’s another word that can slip into your language and de-edify the success you are seeking.

I really want to but…

I tried that but…

I want that but…

Using “but” indicates a contradiction in your thinking. Your goal is to find clarity in your language and your thoughts.

Here is another word to be aware of. “Should”

What I should do…

What I should’ve done…

Using the word “should” creates judgment. It can bring about feelings of guilt, shame, and feeling not good being enough. Instead, consider using the word “choose.”

I choose to…

I chose not to…

These simple shifts in language can change your life. This is also how you begin to change what you attract. Now, it doesn’t happen overnight. BUT, what happens when you change your language is you will begin to enhance your law of averages.

Understand this…

You will get exactly what you speak. You will attract how you think and act. When you understand that, you will see the value of your words. You will no longer use self-sabotaging word choices.

You will begin to use the language of success because it brings empowerment.


Affirmations For Success

Positive affirmations can change the way you think and the way you live. The repetition of positive affirmations will assist you to reshape your beliefs. Affirmations also assist you to release or change assumptions about yourself. This process changes your perception of how you see yourself and how you see the world.

Creating affirmations for success can be done simply by following this process…

Start with taking 3 deep breaths to ground yourself. As you state your affirmations begin with the phrase, “I am.”

“I am” will shape your reality!

“I am,” means now… in the present. You want to state your affirmations in the present tense as if you already have what you desire.

Use only positive statements. This means you DON’T say things like… “I am not a smoker anymore.” Instead, say something like, “I am healthy and full of vibrant health. I support my lungs and they support me.”

Your affirmation should be specific and short.  This means not to write a paragraph long affirmation. You can write several short affirmations instead of a long one. When I say specific, I mean that you want to be very clear. If you say, “I am happy.”

What does that really mean?

What makes you happy is very individual. So what would make you happy? Here’s an example: “I am experiencing amazing health and prosperity in my life.”

Be sure there is an action word, typically ending in –ing. Also, use a dynamic emotion or feeling adjective. Finally, your affirmations should be about you personally. Then, say your affirmations clearly at a slow rate of speed. Repeat your affirmations 3-5 times with clarity. Focus on the meaning of each word. Finish off the process by taking three more deep breaths.  This will give your body the opportunity to absorb the positive energy of your affirmations.

Here are a few examples of how to formulate affirmations for success:

I am the dynamic leader people are looking for.

I am attracting self-motivated success seekers to my team now.

I am worthy of making more money and living a prosperous life is my divine right.

I am at peace with all that has happened, is happening, and will happen.

I am aligned with the energy of abundance.


Since the words you think and speak shape your life and your reality… Isn’t it time for a shift?

Begin today to consciously choose your thoughts, phrases, and words. You can absolutely create new situations and circumstances in your life. The more often you speak your affirmations with intention and feeling … they will start to sink into your subconscious mind. This will put your mind into action.

Where you focus, energy goes.  Don’t let another disempowering thought slip by you. As you begin to release words and phrases that disempower you…

… you can allow high vibrational thoughts to flow. Remember, in the law of attraction, the universe will mirror back the dominant signal you sent out.


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