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When I graduated from college in 1979, I knew I was never going pursue a career in Corporate America. I wanted to be able to operate on my terms and my time frame so I could create the freedom that I was seeking. I started waiting tables in Kansas City and in the mid 80’s, I moved to Los Angles, California. By this time, I was well on my way to being a full-blown alcoholic and drug addict. My entrepreneurial dreams had been pushed to the side and my addictions had taken over my life.

December of 1988, I hit rock bottom. I ended up in a County detox with delirium tremors from my alcohol abuse. I made a promise to myself that if I survived, I would get back to living my dreams and commit to my recovery.

At 31 years old, I got clean and sober . . . but I hadn’t yet addressed the cause of my addictions. I abstained from alcohol but struggled with the emotional and psychological issues that created my addictions to begin with. Manifestations of anxiety, resentment, disappointment and anger were still present in my life and causing challenges in my ability to succeed as an entrepreneur.

By 1990, I started my first Network Marketing/Direct Sales business. I spent the next eight (8) years mastering the skills of free enterprise. I went through several failed business ventures and ended up in $100,000 of credit card debt. I was at a point where I had to detach myself from those negative thought patterns. If I was going to succeed in free enterprise.

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But I was committed. The years of 1995 and 1996 were the most challenging years of my financial life but they were also the most rewarding spiritually and in terms of personal growth. By the end of 1996 when it appeared to be my darkest hour, I knew a ray of light was waiting. I had crossed over from resistance to flow and I began to flourish instead of struggle. Within a 12-month period, I created a 7-figure income and paid off all of my debt.

In 1998, I transitioned form full-time network marketer to full-time inspirational speaker, writer and success coach. Today, I get great satisfaction by being able to inspire my clients. Most importantly, I’m skilled at assisting people to understand their addictions.


I coach people on how to separate the events that shape their feelings. I not only coach network marketers, but mentor other professionals and individuals from all walks of life. Addictions are my niche — specifically emotional addictions. I assist people with understanding “why” they get emotionally stuck.

Witnessing my client’s experience a breakthrough inspires me. I have a high rate of success in assisting clients with releasing the conscious and unconscious anxieties that keep them perpetuating the same set of feelings over and over.

Fast Forward: At this point in my career, I have 35+ years as an entrepreneur. I’ve been a 7-figure income earner in two (2) businesses. I’ve coached 13,000+ clients and over 70,000 hours of service. My journey has brought the emotional resilience and higher levels of consciousness that allow me to be an exceptional coach.

Here’s what I want you to understand . . . Every day is a gift of 86,400 seconds or rather 1,440 minutes. Learn how to have an emotional presence that keeps you in the game, one day at a time, over a long lifetime. Focus on solutions, not problems. Learn to live in the result. Neutralize your anxieties quickly. I can assist you will all of these issues.

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