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Contrary to what some people might say… your ability to respond in the moment is one of the key factors to being able to create a 6 and 7-figure income in business.

I’m talking about your emotional reflexes… Your ability to respond versus react. A large percent of society lives in an overwhelmed state where they spend most of their day and life reacting. They react to situations rather than responding to them.

Responding is a much quicker rate of moving into the present. It’s a BE state.

What I want you to begin to understand is the power of autosuggestion. It means automatic. It means on command.

If you are building a leverage business, real estate business, are in customer acquisition… you require the autosuggestion to respond.

Your reflexes are going to be a direct reflection of the way that you were conditioned to behave.

Do you automatically go into fight or flight or are you always worried or always overwhelmed? ALWAYS is a keyword that many people use to edify their emotional addictions.

“This ALWAYS happens to me.”

“I ALWAYS get stuck in traffic.”

Now… ALWAYS does have another side to it.

“I ALWAYS attract a parking space.”

“I ALWAYS get upgraded.”

My point is the way you communicate with yourself and the way you communicate with your conscious and unconscious will direct your autosuggestion. 



 Consider this… If you are very skilled baseball or softball player and you’ve been in the batting cage since you were 4, 5, 6 years old…

Or if you are a very skilled musician… if you have been playing the piano since you were a child… If you’ve been a very skilled guitar player… if you are a very skilled teacher… Then there is going to be the10,000 hour habit that has assisted you to create an autosuggestion.

BUT… if you are always overwhelmed, then your brain is going to take you right into a place called fight or flight.

As you begin to separate your feelings from events that have happened to you and you live in a more relaxed body, you can create a new type of autosuggestion where you automatically, autonomically are able to respond.

So when someone says to you in a selling situation…

“This sounds really good but I don’t have the money.”

In a very relaxed body, you should be able to say:

“Susan, if you had the money, would you purchase?”

But if you check out, get overwhelmed, go back into fight or flight and then start telling yourself a story…

I don’t want to get rejected.

I don’t want to make a mistake.

I don’t want to get in trouble.

I don’t want to make a mistake.

I don’t want to seem pushy. 

I don’t want to come across as a salesman or saleswoman.

 If that’s what flashes on your emotional screen as you check out… It’s going to require 3-8 seconds to react.

When you are a chronic reactor, if you are asked a question and use terms like:

I’m in the spotlight.

I don’t want the light shined on me.

You will use these terms to hold yourself back because you have a story about the future that hasn’t happened. I know… I’m hitting a nerve with some of you.

Many of you have a story about being in the spotlight… that being successful is being in the spotlight.

Here’s the truth…

…The spotlight is an overwhelmed state that you use to justify checking out, not being successful and avoiding responsibility. 


For you to be able to change, it would require you to change the story that you tell yourself about being and staying successful. Success is not difficult. Success is responsibility.

Responsibility is your ABILITY TO RESPOND.

This is a new reflex for many people. If you have a job where you have to validate, justify and explain yourself… if you grew up with a passive-aggressive parent, grandparent, sibling, teacher, clergyman or you had someone that picked on you…

…there is a high probability that somewhere along the line you experienced circumstances that created an event, that created an identity where you check out… creating gaps and delays in your communication style.

Your communication reflexes can make or break your business.

Word is law. Words do not return void.

A large percentage of the American population uses sounds that aren’t words. They say things like… KINDA… K-I-N-D-A and SORTA… S-O-R-T-A. These are two words that are jammed together creating one word… that isn’t really a word. It’s slang.

I GUESS is another phrase that shows up frequently. Saying I GUESS avoids saying I know. When you KNOW, you are in belief. When you KNOW, you autonomically, automatically are in the present and take action.

There is no gap.

There is no delay between you and the outcome. When you are in a situation that requires a response, you are able to easily and effortlessly move into the action of it.



For you to be able to become exceptional, you require the reflexes and experience… The understanding of predictability of why people do what they do… You require a flow in your communication where you easily and effortlessly ask the questions in a sequence.

How serious are you about creating an additional stream of income?

How serious are you about changing the quality of your health?

How serious are you about lowering the cost of your electric bill?

You must have a method and a system to go through the sales sequence.

When someone says:

“I’ll get back with you.”

You have to have the reflexes to ask:

“Tom, when will you be getting back to me?”

You have to understand and have the reflexes to call people’s bluff like you are playing poker.

You have to be present in the conversation and be an exceptional listener so you can hear what is meant and not what is said.

When someone says:

“This is a lot of money.”

You have to be able to respond with:

“This is a lot of money in relation to what?”

Learn to take a keyword from their objection and package it in a statement that ends with a question. This is how you move the conversation along.

“If you had the money, would you purchase today?”

If they say YES… your reflexes can say:

“Where can you find $600 in the next 24 hours so that you can change the quality of your health?”

When you develop the reflexes to be in the moment and ask the questions… then you will be relaxed in your body where you can respond on command!




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