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“Letting go is a commitment, awareness and skill practiced daily creating a new habit by separating your feelings from the events that shaped your anxiety.”


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Jeffery Combs is an internationally recognized trainer, speaker, coach and author. He specializes in personal breakthrough coaching, effective prospecting, leadership, addiction coaching, prosperity consciousness, and mindset training. Private one-on-one coaching with Jeffery results in reaching new and unprecedented levels of productivity and prosperity.

Since 1998, Jeffery has personally assisted 13,000+ clients with over 70,000 hours of one-on-one coaching. Jeffery is frequently interviewed on many television programs featured on CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox discussing how he assists his clients with achieving their own breakthrough to success.

As a result, he is highly sought after by business leaders and individuals seeking to discover “why” they do what they do so they can create a new and clear pathway to achieve the success they deserve.

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Time is the only asset we don't get back

Success Stories

" I knew within moments Jeffery was who I required to take my life to the next level."
Jennifer Trinker
"You have a date with destiny and my friend Jeff is going to help you get there."
Mark Victor Hansen
"Jeff broke everything down and assisted me to go forward."
Pete Tummillo
"If you passionately pursue a mentor and a program like jeffery offers, your life can grow to a higher level."
Pat Mesiti
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